What’s in your Wardrobe? 5 Monsoon Fashion Essentials Every Girl Must Have

There are so many wonderful songs around the rains. Most of them capture the sublime beauty of this season. Some exalt the romantic quality of it and some describe the pensiveness it inspires. However, not a single song throws light on problems we face during the rains! Yes, everything is not hunky-dory during the monsoons.
5 Monsoon Fashion Essentials Every Girl Must Have

Delayed trains, chock-a-block traffic jams, dirty, muddy puddles and not to mention the wetness and chill can really be a mood dampener. To add to this, your skin tends to become sticky and is prone to frequent breakouts. Here is an article that helps you set a proper skin care routine in place. Follow these tips to enjoy a healthy, glowing complexion.

Skin Care Essentials: Your Daily Skin Care Routine

Dressing up during this season too can be particularly tricky. If you’re over-dressed, you run the risk of ruining good clothes and also of having to stay damp for the rest of the day. If you’re under-dressed, the wetness and chill will leave you quivering like a leaf!

So, how do you pick the right attire for this season? Well, worry not, for here are 5 clothing items that will help you breeze through the monsoons. Stay fashionable and dry with these monsoon must-haves!

Shorts are perfect for the rains. With their hemlines being well above the ground, you don’t have to worry about them getting stained or dirty. Also, they’ll save you from experiencing a Marilyn moment when caught in a severe gust of wind. So, select colourful ones in trendy patterns. Hot shorts, chino shorts, cut-off shorts are all perfect for this season. Choose the length of your shorts as per your comfort.

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Cropped pants:
Cropped pants are perfect for office wear. Formal-looking and elegant, these pants can be pared with a synthetic shirt and water-proof pumps. Opt for ones with trendy prints like polka dots, floral prints and stripes. Houndstooth cropped pants look extremely stylish, so make sure you have at least a pair. Self-coloured cropped pants too look chic and can be worn with cute Tees.

Cotton shirt dresses:
Shirt dresses look chic and are ideal for the monsoons. Featuring sleek silhouettes, these dresses are easy to manage and look extremely stylish. Shirt dresses in pure cotton are ideal for this season. However, you can also opt for ones in mixed-fabrics and blended cotton. Steer clear of sheer dresses though. If you’re not okay with wearing a dress in the rains, slip on a pair of leggings underneath and you’re good to go!
Cotton shirt dresses

Synthetic Tops:
Tops made of nylon, silk, polynylon, blended cotton and other mixed fabrics are perfect for this season as these fabrics dry quickly. Choose tops in attractive patterns and bright colours. Pair them with cropped pants or leggings for formal wear and shorts for casual. Don’t select tops that are too thin as these a likely to become see-through when wet.
Synthetic Tops

Leggings made of lycra, spandex, nylon, polyester and silk are ideal for the rains. Choose ankle-length or mid-calf length ones. Brightly-coloured leggings will add a pop of colour to your overall look. So, apart from a couple of dark coloured ones, stack up on some colourful ones too. However, remember to avoid buying leggings that are very flimsy as these will become transparent when wet.

Well, with these 5 monsoon essentials, you’re sure to have a swell time. Stock up on these items and stay fashionable and happy throughout this season. Happy Monsoon!

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