Five Tips for Having a Safe, Exciting RV Adventure

Delving into an RV adventure is one of the most fun ways to get away. However, if proper safety precautions aren't taken before and during the trip, your vacation can go from fun to dangerous in a matter of seconds. The following are five tips everyone should use to have a safe and exciting RV adventure.
Tips for Having a Safe, Exciting RV Adventure
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Keep an Eye on the Electrical Load
If you aren't well-versed on the maintenance of recreational vehicles, you might not be aware that there is an electrical load cap on the amount of power your devices can draw from the RV. Most RVs can only handle 30 or 50 amps at once, so it's a good idea that you find out yours is wired for. Label each of your devices with how many amps they pull, and make sure they never exceed the limit of the RV. You can find out how many amps each device has by using the equation, "watts ÷ volts = amps."

Study the Wildlife

Before you arrive at your destination, get a good idea of what wildlife you’re likely to encounter. In some cases, the only real looming "threats" are wild deer and turkey. However, in some cases, the wildlife in the area can be dangerous. Even if you plan on staying in your camper, leaving trash or food inside of it can draw a bear or other dangerous animal to it in hopes of finding it. Research the wildlife of the location you're traveling to beforehand, and always adhere to the warnings and rules of the park.

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Learn How to Drive Before the Trip
Before you set out for your RV adventure, make sure you know how to competently operate the vehicle. You don't want to find out that you still don't know how to properly back up in an RV when it comes time to reverse into the campsite. Spend some time maneuvering it throughout your immediate area to get a feel for driving it.

Print a Checklist
Doing a quick web search for an "RV checklist" will turn up plenty of results you can use to ensure your RV is ready to operate. Be sure to look for one that matches your type of RV. Depending on your type of vehicle, this could be motor home classes A, B, or C, trailer, fifth wheel, or pop-up.

Keep an Eye on Road Conditions
Lastly, always look into road conditions to stay ahead of what could be happening in the near future. There are several websites which provide users with real-time updates on road conditions throughout North America—use these to your advantage, to plan your route and schedule.

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