Creating a Cleaning Checklist for a Permanent Move

Moving is an exciting experience, but one which comes with a lot of headaches. Most of us, when moving, will focus too much on packing our belongings with care and making sure boxes are secure. Then, when we remember that the old house or apartment has to be cleaned thoroughly, we're taken by surprise and hardly have energy left to start.

Creating a detailed cleaning to-do list is important at a time like this. If you’re planning a big move, take some time to put everything down on paper before you start packing, rather than worry about figuring out what needs to be done at the last minute.
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First Things First
Decide how this list will be created and with whom it will be shared. For college roommates, for example, delegating chores and keeping everybody in the loop might be easiest if everyone uses a shared Google Calendar or Doc. Items can be removed and added from the list remotely, and users can remind each other to purchase or bring cleaning supplies and let one another know when they'll show up to do certain tasks.

On the other hand, a husband and wife might simply keep a running checklist on paper, sticking it to the fridge with a magnet and checking the list each time one of them begins a chore. Children might need their own copies of simplified lists with kid-friendly chores, like "fold the laundry", selected by their parents. When kids complete their chores, they can bring their lists to their parents for approval.

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Room by Room, Ceiling to Floor
When you've selected a list-system that fits your needs, the next step is doing a walk-through of the house, one room at a time, to fill that list in. Take your time as you look over each space, beginning with the ceiling and going all the way to the floor. Does the ceiling need to be dusted with an extendable dust-mop? What about the fan and light fixture? Check molding as well, especially ornate crown-molding.

Check the walls for nail holes and other blemishes that might need to be spackled and even painted over. Proceed downwards to the windows, windowsills, doors and doorjambs, baseboards, and carpet, listing chores as you go underneath each room heading.

Now, What Do You Need?
Once your list of chores is complete, create one more heading: cleaning supplies. Sit down somewhere comfortable --since your house is most likely empty, you may have to go out—and consider every task on your list. What cleaning supplies will you need to perform them? Window-cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, dish detergent, and hydrogen peroxide are good basic supplies that can clean just about anything.

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You will probably need paper towels and disposable cloths as well, and maybe an inexpensive mop and duster. It's useful to have your laptop or smartphone handy for this phase, so that you can search for easy and inexpensive ways to remove certain stains or make minor repairs.

Now you have an organized, detailed cleaning list, and a comprehensive list of supplies. All that's left to do is hit the store and get started cleaning!

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