Spend Less on Catering With These 6 Tips

For those who are creating their wedding or event budget, there are several expenses to take into account for an high-end experience that will make for a formal setting. Besides the flowers and venue, the catering is often considered one of the most expensive costs when serving guests quality treats. Although it can be difficult to afford quality catering, there are several ways to ensure that you spend less with the help of these few tips.

Opt for a Buffet

The food can still be catered by a professional catering company for delicious entrees and sides while shedding 20 percent off of the overall bill. Ask the caterer to prepare the food in a buffet style instead of having servers bring the food to each table. This will not only cost less, but will allow guests to pick and choose what they want on their plate and portion sizes as well.
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Minimize the Courses Served
This is an obvious tip that should be considered to make costs down for any event. The lower amount of food you offer, the cheaper it would be. You can still offer a five-star menu while working within your budget by serving fewer courses to each table. Instead of serving five courses, opt for three, which will allow the wedding to maintain its formality at a fraction of the cost.

Serve Poultry or Fish
Red meat is the most expensive to serve and can also conflict with your guest's diets. Opt for a healthier and more affordable alternative by serving poultry or fish as the main course. You can do some amazing things with both of these meats and your guests will be sure to thank you afterward.

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Serve the Food Family Style
You can reduce your catering bill by up to 25 percent simply by serving different entrees and sides on big platters that can be passed around each table. It creates a more relaxed and casual environment that is ideal for barn or backyard weddings. The cost is significantly less due to the minimal work involved, as the caterers won't need to separate individual servings.

Stock Your Own Bar
An open bar can easily cost an average of $10,000 for a wedding or event and infringe on other expenses. Choose a caterer that will allow you to stock your own bar and purchase the drinks through a wholesale retailer to cut down on premium costs that can be charged for alcohol.

Purchase Dishes Yourself
Sometimes you can purchase bulk items online and provide them to your caterer to help cut the costs. For example, places like John Wm. Macy's SweetSticks sell their products that can be found on this website for any occasion. Finding online resources for inexpensive commodities can help save you tons of money on your next event.

To spend less on catering without compromising on the quality of food and beverages served, there are several ways to cut back and still offer an incredible menu. Your guests will enjoy the tastes and options available without having to exceed your budget for the special occasion.

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