Serve Dinner Like a Pro: 5 Guest Hosting Tips

If you love to host dinner parties, you may need a few tips to make sure you serve dinner like a pro. There are five guest hosting tips you can use.

Stage the Entrance
First, make sure you stage the entrance to your home for your guests. This is important because the entranceway is the first area of your home your guests will see. Make sure the front door is open and the porch area is lit to make it inviting for your guests. Then, ensure there is space for everyone to hang their jackets and purses before moving on to the next room. Guests will feel at ease when they are taken care of from the start.
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Give the Tour
Next, you should give your guests a tour of your home, so they feel welcome. Make sure you point out important rooms like the dining room and bathroom since they will be using those rooms while they are in your home. Take the time to show off special decor or furnishings you have in your new home. If your outdoor space is worthy, tour that area as well.

Arrange the Seating
To host like a pro, make sure there are enough seats for everyone. In fact, make sure you have a few extra seats on hand in case an unexpected guest shows up, which does happen from time to time. To make everyone comfortable, you can use place cards to direct everyone to their seats. This avoids that uncomfortable, awkward few minutes with everyone shuffling around as they aren't sure where to sit.

Use a Serving Cart
Instead of putting out your dishes for buffet style serving, proportion your dishes on plates in advance and serve them one course at a time to your guests. You can roll out the plates on a serving cart to impress your guests. This is a fancier way to serve your guests and offers them a chance to sit comfortably as the plates come to them. The same serving cart can be used to clear away each course.

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Finish with a Bang
To host guests like a pro, you must finish your dinner with a bang. Make sure the dessert you serve is a hit! In fact, you may want to prepare a few different options, so your guests have choices. Since dessert is served last, people tend to remember it first!

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