How to Stay Safe While RV Camping in Cold Weather

Camping in the winter is obviously a lot of fun, as you get to enjoy some great open views without leaves getting in the way, which is impossible in any other time of year, there are no bugs and insects to bother you, and there are no crowds at the most attractive places that are usually packed with campers during other seasons. But, there are a couple of challenges to it, as well, as you have to try and protect yourself from the cold, make sure your RV stays warm at all times, do the necessary repairs, and prevent the holding tanks, the plumbing, and the valves from freezing.
How to Stay Safe While RV Camping in Cold Weather
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However, the stunning vistas and the chance to relax in a calm, silent environment are definitely worth the trouble, and the following tips can help you prepare your RV and have a great winter camping trip.

Winterize Your RV
Before you even think about going camping in your RV during the winter, you must prepare it for the freezing temperatures. You should try and protect the plumbing system, as it's very prone to damages when the weather is cold. Frozen water lines is a very common issue when camping in the winter, so you have to do everything you can to protect them. You can get ultrasonic tank heaters, that help keep exposed pipes warm, or mount a couple of fans on the most vulnerable pipes.

Then, inspect your RV and see which areas are most likely to let cold air get inside. Usually, it's the entry door, so check the weatherstripping and see if it's worn or degraded. If so, buy new weatherstripping and replace the existing one. In addition to the doors, you should add weatherstripping to all the windows and access panels. Also, it's recommended that you invest in vent cushions to prevent heat from leaving the RV through the roof vents.

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Filling your propane tank before you leave it's also advised, so that you can your furnace once you arrive at the camping site. While you are at it, take some time to clean the furnace area, preferably using compressed air.

Installing dual-pane windows will definitely help you keep your RV's interior warm. They provide excellent insulation and reduce condensation, which is one of the most common problems that people going RV camping in the winter face.

As far as the black and gray holding tanks are concerned, you should put some antifreeze in them, so that the contents don't freeze.

Bring Some Emergency Items Along
There are a couple of items that you must bring along whenever you go camping in your RV. For starters, you should buy a sleeping bag that can keep you warm even when the temperature reaches zero degrees, if you don't have one already, as well as a few extra blankets, just in case the heaters stop working for some reason. Also, you should definitely bring a set of tire chains, a gas powered generator, and a GPS device.

If you just follow this simple tips and prepare your RV for the cold weather, you will be able to overcome the numerous challenges you might face while camping in the winter, and the snow and freezing temperatures won't stop you from enjoying your trip.
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