Coffee Cravings: Five Top Health Benefits of Caffeine

For many Americans, it’s the drug of choice worldwide, and it holds a bad reputation for many. Has caffeine been unfairly scrutinized? Caffeine does get its fair share of extreme views and controversy. Nutritionists advise us to eliminate coffee, chocolate and tea because of their caffeine content, but what many don’t realize is that in modest quantities, caffeine offers many benefits you might not expect.

The next time you choose to enjoy a big cup of coffee, also enjoy the fact that it’s probably protecting your health! If you happen to be sensitive to caffeine, there’s no doubt that consuming multiple cups of coffee might have some side effects, such as insomnia, restlessness, upset stomach and nervousness. If you happen to be a long-term coffee drinker and you suddenly stop, you might go through some withdrawal symptoms such as mild depression, headaches, confusion and fatigue. These will only affect you if you have a sensitivity to caffeine.
Coffee Cravings: Five Top Health Benefits of Caffeine
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Coffee contains other chemicals than just caffeine. Some of these chemicals are actually good for you, like the anti-inflammatory functions and disease-fighting antioxidants. If you drink a lot of coffee during the day and don’t suffer side effects, you might be reaping plenty of health benefits. Below are five health benefits that caffeine has to offer.

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1. Caffeine is known to lower blood sugar.
As a result, a minimum of eight clinical studies showed that people who are heavy coffee drinkers are less likely to have type 2 diabetes than people who limit themselves to a cup or two a day or those who are non-coffee drinkers.

2. Caffeine protects against Parkinson’s disease and dementia.
Because type 2 diabetes is directly linked to dementia and coffee helps lower the risks of diabetes, this is a great link.

3. Caffeine increases your resting metabolic rate.
This is the rate that you are burning calories when you aren’t doing anything but sitting down breathing.

4. Caffeine fights cell damage.
Coffee has a lot of natural antioxidants in it, more than even green tea, and when the beans are roasted, it brings out most beneficial substances. Antioxidants stop the process of oxidation in the body, which destroys and damages healthy cells and leads to diseases.

5. Caffeine affects blood cholesterol levels.
Both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee has substances in them that raise the total and LDL blood cholesterol levels. If you use your filter when brewing coffee, it won’t raise your cholesterol because the filter does its job of catching the substances before they ever go into your coffee cup. If your coffee maker happens to be missing the filter holder, you can get your Bunn coffee maker parts online in no time at all. For those concerned about rising cholesterol, steer clear of the lattes, espressos, instant and pressed type of coffee.

Next time you hesitate to drink that cup of coffee, consider the many health benefits it has to offer.
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