The 3 Best Restaurants Where You Can Eat in Kingston, Jamaica

Jamaica’s dining options range from white tablecloth eight course events to a tin roofed shack by the side of the road. In Kingston, the capitol of Jamaica, the amount and variety of restaurants is astounding. With everything from Indian food to French bistros – Kingston’s foodie scene continues to grow. For visitors seeking a culinary experience, heading to Kingston for a meal should be on the agenda.
The 3 Bst Restaurants Where You Can Eat in Kingston, Jamaica
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Here are 3 of the best restaurants to visit in Kingston

Shelly’s Restaurant
A local favorite, Shelly’s is off the beaten path for most tourists. Shelly’s serves up authentic Jamaican fare - always fresh and extremely flavorful. Try the ackee and saltfish served with green bananas for a taste of a national favorite. The space is cozy, with tables packed in close. It’s the perfect place to meet some locals, drink a Red Stripe, and try some peas rice and callaloo. Shelly’s Restaurant, Shop 31 Premier Plaza, Kingston 10, Jamaica, W.I. Tel: 876-929-0041

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Cafe Blue
Jamaica is well known for having some of the best coffee in the world, Blue Mountain Coffee. For travelers looking to try fresh roasted coffee with a view, Café Blue is the place to head. Located at the top of the highest peak in Jamaica, getting to Café Blue is half the fun. Drive up a curvy road along the Hope River to reach the 7,400 foot peak, where you will find Café Blue. Order a Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, and head to the terrace to enjoy the spectacular view. Café Blue, Irish Town - Gordon Town, Kingston & St. Andrew, Jamaica W.I., Tel: 876-944-8918

Patrice’s Restaurant
Patrice’s Restaurant is not for the faint of heart, but will reward you with some of the best food in Jamaica if you can find the place. There is no sign for either the restaurant or the street, which can cause some confusion. However, once you arrive in the tiny establishment, you will feel like you have just walked into a Jamaican’s kitchen. The kitchen pumps out curry goat, stew fish, festival, pumpkin rice, and some of the best dumplings in all of Jamaica. Patrice’s Restaurant, Temple Lane, Kingston, Jamaica.

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