Taste Touring: The Five Greatest Food Festivals in the US

Every year, cities across the United States host some of the most amazing food festivals in the world. There is a festival to please every set of taste-buds, with each drawing out the best restaurants and chefs of the area to offer fine, local cuisine. These festivals often attract a lot more than restaurants—it's not unusual to see bands, dance groups, vendors, and distilleries represented alongside them.
Taste Touring: The Five Greatest Food Festivals in the US
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If you are looking for a great, unique food festival to attend this year, here are a few suggestions:

Bite of Oregon
Bite of Oregon features selections from some of the best restaurants that call Oregon home, as well as a wide selection of wines and microbrewed beers. What makes Bite of Oregon unique is its commitment to local food and drink, as well as its commitment to producing zero net waste over the course of the three day event. A truly exceptional showcase of Oregon's finest food. Perfect for those looking for a "green" option.

New Orleans Food Experience
This Memorial Day weekend festival is held to raise money for local non-profit organizations. The festival takes place over five days, and features selections from many famous local New Orleans restaurants. These star restauranteurs and winemakers know the importance of proper food handling, and the use of cleanrooms, and on site cleanroom builders, for food prep.

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Taste of Chicago
Taste of Chicago has been one of America's best food festivals since it was first held in 1980. Local restaurants offer up everything from delicious jerk chicken to local desert specialties. With additional entertainment provided in the form of free concerts and a 5k marathon run, this festival is an excellent choice for a weekend outing with family or friends.

Taste of Vail
This mountaintop resort hosts one of America's best food festivals every year. It simply has to be experienced to be believed. The feature of this event is the "Mountaintop Picnic", a gourmet picnic held ten-thousand feet above sea level on Vail Mountain.

The Taste: Los Angeles
A four day long foodie fest in the City of Angels, this festival provides a quintessentially American food experience. The cities hottest chefs come out to showcase their craft, and the result is a festival that is unmatched by any of its competitors. Loud music, amazing food, and sublime California weather combine to make this one of the largest and most exciting festivals in the nation.

Most food festivals are massive events, with participating restaurants often requiring portable water tanks, on-site cleanroom builders for safe food processing, and transportable trash compactors. On top of this, the crowds drawn in by the festival's many offerings are enormous and can easily get out of hand. So, if you do attend one of these fantastic festivals, be sure to pack light and stay safe so you can get (and eat) the most out of your festival experience.

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