Most Effective Ways Of Controlling Garden Pests

Pests wreaking havoc in serene and lush gardens is quite a common and frequent occurrence. There is certainly nothing that could turn you off more than destroyed plants, broken plant pots and crushed seedlings. If your garden has been infested by pests, ignoring the issue would only let it grow even more gigantic. Pests and insects are notorious for preying about the plants and bushes with low heights and often they make the yard quite dirty and unmanageable.
Most Effective Ways Of Controlling Garden Pests
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The garden which you had nurtured with so much love and care, and which you left looking peaceful and beautiful at night, starts resembling a battle ground overnight. It is frustrating when you take measures to ward off these unwanted guests and they still seem to have no effect on them. And yes, how can you forget those live animal traps? Those are great if the pests get trapped into them, but later on become a headache for your only since you have to figure out where to dispose of that trap.
Here some tips which are mostly a sure shot way to ward off pests from your garden effectively.

Identify the not so strong plants:
Pests know what they want and have a devilish eye for identifying that; plus, they have all the voracity and diligence embedded into them to get what they want. You would never notice these creatures preying upon something in your presence as they seldom have the nature to confront, they prefer taking devious actions to predate and hit the targets. Therefore, the plants which have grown weak in your garden are on top of their minds for attacking first.

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Hence, it is your responsibility to identify which plants are growing weak and pull them out on your own. Else you would only be paving the way to attract even more pests to create a menace in the garden.

Make The Garden Soil Organic:
The soil of your garden determines the health and growth of your plants most of the times. For ensuring a fertile and healthy soil for growing vegetation, make the soil organic as this not only keeps the plant vigorously strong, but also keep the pests at a distance. You could adopt natural composting methods, top-dressing and mulching the garden soil with natural fertilizer or compost. Once you try using the organic soil in your yard, you would realize the importance of this kind of soil and the role it plays in strengthening all kinds of plants which are being grown in your garden.

Use Sea Weed Fertilizer:
Seaweed fertilizer is a boon to the health of your plants and keeps the growth steady and luscious. Seaweed is abundant in the elements such as zinc, iron, calcium, sulfur, barium and magnesium, which boosts the growth and strength of plants. The fertilizer is available in the form of mulch or spray and its regular usage will enhance the staying power of the plants, also increasing their resistance against any kind of plant disease. To reduce the weed formation in the garden, you could get organic weed control done in your garden frequently for desired results.

Keep The Yard Clean:
Hygiene and cleanliness helps anywhere and at anytime. And your house garden is no exception to the rule. Make sure that the garden area is clean and free from debris and weeds which usually are the main culprits for letting the pests and insects breed. Get your garden cleaned at regular intervals and do not encourage mess in that area.

Confuse The Pests:
Each plant usually is predated by a certain kind of insect pest. The pests are very specific about the plant they intend to feed on or destroy and have a sharp sense about identifying and reaching out to that plant. Hence, keep rotating your crops and mix the plantings. Make it a habit of rotating plants every year in order to confuse the pests and prevent them from reaching your plants.

Do Not Encourage Pests Through Wet Foliage:
Nothing would cause a more severe internal sabotage to your plants than having wet foliage. If the foliage is not dry it would certainly lead to breeding of insects, even attracting insects from outside, not to mention the dangerous fungal damage which comes along with it. If you do not know how to water the plants without wetting the foliage, you could hire professional help for the initial days.

Prevent Contamination:

The tools which you use while gardening play a very vital role in keeping the plants either infected or infection free. If you have been taking care of some infested plants in your garden, the tools naturally would be carrying the contaminants on them. So, the usually healthy plants could get infected when treated by the same tools. So, make sure the tools which you are using are cleaned and infection free.

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