What’s Beauty without Brains!! Foods That Can Enhance Your Brain and Beauty!!

Ever imagined a bond movie without a gorgeous lady? You know the answer. It’s never complete. The presence of beautiful face who can charm her way but clever enough to escape with a brilliant plot. Men love women who are mysterious. We all end up thinking this is why she is a leading lady. No matter how much we deny accepting this before others we all want to hold the package of looking both gorgeous and brainy.  Don’t We?? Yes we do!! Apart from us accepting the fact,each and every health magazine or internet article will tell you that a perfect diet is essential for a good physical health. When the diet is right, it becomes easier to lose weight and strengthen the muscles in our body – this would get you your look.

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But how many of us are aware that with the right food we can become smarter than we were. There are some super foods that can really benefit our brain. A boost in brain power can help us enhance our memory and sharpen our reflexes. Yes, Reflexes just like in the Spiderman Movie but with less fights. Some foods not just help us get our minds recharged but also help us ward off a number of mental illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Here are a few super foods which must be include in your daily meal.

This leafy green vegetable has become popular very recently and is now regarded as one of the most nutrient dense foods and one of the best for brain health. It is rich in vitamin C, K & A which helps to decrease the inflammation of the body. Bottom line – add it into your breakfast salads.
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Salmon was once an expensive fish; it still is. Now you can get it anywhere, different varieties and costs. You name it. What made it top of food list? Its health benefits, taste and classy food lovers. Salmon contains omega fatty-acids and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). DHA helps fasten the functionality of neurons in brain. And omega fatty-acids gives you the good skin. Not just that here is an interesting detail. The omega fatty acids found in salmon fight against enzymes that block production of collagen.
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This fruit and its nutrition value was rediscover in the early 21st century. Many more super foods came in later. It’s normal for everyone to look for something new. When it comes to beauty, we always prefer new things that are trending on internet sites. Celebs promoting them or including them in their daily meals. It’s time wemade our own decisions based on our experiences.  Avocado creaminess is due to the presence of oleic acid. That helps in development of brain and cleansing and deep moisturizing of skin. This makes avocado a good buy.
This exotic fruit has become a favorite in many continents. Coconut milk is rich in vitamins A, vitamin E, iron, Protein, calcium, sodium. It can be used on hair for luxurious hair as the proteins help regenerate new hair on the scalp. When coconut milk is added to your food it adds in more flavor to the meal. Not just that, the goodness of coconut milk will slowly result in silky smooth young skin. It is a rich source of MCT or medium chain triglycerides which goes straight into the liver, gets processed into ketones and then used by the brain as Fuel.
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Dark Chocolate
This will change the equation of eating chocolates. I don’t mean to stop your from eating it orto indulge in dark chocolates. The yummy treat contains good levels of antioxidants that can help your skin from dehydrating.It protects your skin from UV rays and save you from tanning. So carry some chocolate in your bag. Dark chocolate is a part of treatments available in spas like chocolate face and body mask. What does it do for you brain? It helps in promoting blood flow to your brain. Bite some sweets when you get time.
Dark Chocolate
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It’s shocking to see cheese on the list. Many follow tough diets to get slim and look like a super model. But every diet should consist of balance nutrition. Eating raw foods will thin you at some point. But you may end up with sagging skin. Cheese consists goodness of fats, sodium, potassium, vitamin b-12, vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium. It’s always good to use these in any product the right way. Today, many food industries have over indulged their products with excessive cheese on each serving just because it elevates the taste of the product. Excessive intake has given some bad results.

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So let’s find out what cheese is good for and where to set our boundaries. It is common knowledge that cheese consists of fat that prevent early stages of wrinkle formation. Add at least10 to 15 grams each day to you salads or to your chicken roast. That will do the trick. Cheese contains vitamin k2 found through recent discoveries can help reduce cancer and promote brain functionality. To find the true benefits eat with balance, anything too excess can give excessive trouble.

After trying these foods, you will never go back to being your old self again. You never get tired of looking at yourself in the mirror. Nor do others find time keeping their eyes off you!! Give yourself the love of food and enjoy the benefit of two!! Just in case of emergency do not forget to fill in your ehic application.

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