The Strangest Food You Can Eat in Mexico

Mexico is a gorgeous destination offering an abundant history, delicious food, beautiful beaches, and a vibrant culture. Travelers exploring Mexico have a plethora of adventure and activities at their fingertips. You can venture to Mayan temples, explore jungles, and feast on locally caught fish by the sea. While Mexico is known for having some of the most picturesque beaches in the world, with white sand and crystal clear waters, the country is much more than just a lovely beach. The culture, that exudes the spirit of Mexico, permeates into the music, dance, and food of the country. When visiting Mexico, one should not miss the chance to try both the regional and national foods – as Mexico’s culinary scene continues to expand and experiment.

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Visitors can even pair tastes with tequila or mescal. There are plenty of tequila and mescal distilleries to visit, where you can learn about the ancient art of turning agave into spirits. If you are planning a visit to Mexico, here are some of the strangest (and most delicious) foods that cannot be missed:

What better way to start your culinary adventure than by eating like the ancients? Escamoles is a Mexican delicacy that is essentially ant larvae and dates back to the Aztecs. Prepared in some of the most high-end restaurants in Mexico City, as well as regionally in local cantina’s, this dish is actually quite tasty. The ant eggs are mixed with butter, fried with spices, and can be served alone or in tacos. The taste of Escamoles is mild and nutty, and goes well with guacamole and chips.
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Most people would never consider eating a cactus, but in Mexico cactus is served up in many a kitchen. Nopal, is the fruit of the Prickly Pear cactus, and can be found in many types of Mexican salads, soups, relishes, and side dishes. People cook Nopal many different ways, and its light tangy flavor adds a unique element to most dishes.
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This regional delicacy can be found in Oaxaca, and has been eaten for thousands of years. Chapulines are grasshoppers that have been fried with spices, garlic, and lime. They are served alone or in tacos, and are a crunchy savory snack to try.
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Mexico offers many delicious and flavorful foods. While it is fun to try some of the strange local delicacies, there is always an abundant amount of fresh guacamole and salsa waiting for you. Grab a portion of Chapulines, sip on a Margarita, and enjoy the wonderful culture of Mexico.
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