Recipes for Perfection: Stun Your Guests at the Next Dinner

In planning your next dinner party, make sure you choose your meal and recipes to suit the guests. If you are looking for something just perfect that will stun your guests, then careful planning must be done. A fancy dinner is a great way to show off your chef skills and try out some new, or tried and true meals. Take a look at these ideas before you set up your next dinner.

What Type of Service?
Think in terms of a full course of dishes, from appetizer to dessert. In lieu of serving the meal family style, having several courses served at the appropriate times, always makes the guest feel special. Consider the timing of each dish, and how it will be brought out. With a bit of work, your dinner will being the talk of your circles for months to come.
Recipes for Perfection: Stun Your Guests at the Next Dinner
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In creating an appetizer, keep it small, since there will are several courses to go until dessert. Many can be made as 1 to 4 bite plates, so as to leave plenty of room. Try a mini-sized bowl of roasted edamame sprinkled with sea salt. and cracked pepper, or cool shrimp and cucumber crackers. The key is to stay light and and fresh with appetizers, it is not the moment to overwhelm your guests.

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The main course you decide to serve will decide whether the soup should be creamy, or broth based. Creamed roasted asparagus soup is a great choice, but if you were to keep the appetizers above in mind, then a spicy ginger broth with cilantro would be a nice paring as well. Pay attention to how the foods will go together with the soup taste and texture. Soups can be made the day before and heated to the perfect temperature the day of.

Of course a salad must be served, but don't overload it with too many vegetables. Keep it simple and colorful with red beets and pears over baby spinach with a light balsamic vinaigrette. Following along the lines of the Asian theme, you might serve a mixed greens salad with mandarin oranges, and a sesame vinaigrette. Have guests make their own decisions regarding how much dressing goes on.

Main Course
With the main course being the time to really wow and stun your guests, a large platter brought to the table for serving, is always a unique treat. Buy cuts of veal tenderloin, and have it glazed with pineapple juice and teriyaki sauce, with a side of Szechuan noodles. Carve this at the table to show guests the beautifully cooked slices. Other meats can be cooked with or without vegetables for more flavor, and then later separated for guests to eat.

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To end a beautiful meal, but not creating a heavy dish, turn ordinary fortune cookies into the extraordinary with little effort. Using sauces of almond and chocolate flavors, plate 3 cookies, and drizzle with sauces. Add a slice of orange and you have a light, but visually stunning dessert.

Impressing guests can be fun, and will keep them coming back. Sometimes it can be difficult finding particular ingredients. Take time to prepare and plan each dish, and enjoy!
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