New Year, New You: Simple Guide to Cleanse Your Body

Everybody wants a fresh start in the New Year and January is the best time to start to cleanse your body and embrace a detox. It’s good to feel good, not only is it satisfying for your body, but you will exude a positive energy too. Obesity and childhood obesity are currently at epidemic levels and it’s important that we take measures to avoid this and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Organic
On your weekly supermarket run try to pick as much organic produce as possible. Organically grown fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products are easy to fine. They might be a little more expensive to buy but they have their benefits. Organic foods are generally free from pesticides, fertilisers and other harmful chemicals that are typically used in non-organic foods. If you’re attempting to cleanse your body but still consuming foods that contain such toxins, it isn’t very practical.
New Year, New You: Simple Guide to Cleanse Your Body
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Drink Water
Drinking plenty of water is essential for anybody to detox. By increasing the amount of water that you intake, it gives you the chance to cleanse your body naturally. An average person should aim to drink 8 glasses of water a day. It’s easy to integrate drinking more water to your daily schedule. Try drinking a glass of water straight away when you wake up in the morning, and have a bottle beside you at all times whether you are at work, college or at home. Drink a glass of water with every meal and snack that you eat throughout the day. By eating fruit and vegetables that have high water content like watermelon, cucumber and tomatoes you are increasing your water intake also. Water is great for keeping your skin healthy too, preventing wrinkles and promoting a clear complexion.

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Avoid Caffeine
Upon any bodily cleansing process it is essential that you avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol at all costs. The toxins found in caffeine and alcohol can be damaging to liver and kidney function and this can inhibit the body from cleansing itself naturally. If this happens, serious health issues can occur such as diabetes or obesity. Coffee can contribute to dehydration and it has no proven health benefits to the body.

Fibre is essential for the digestive system and keeping everything in flow and it works as a brilliant natural cleanser. The consumption of fibre assists the body with getting rid of toxins, harmful waste and other preservatives. Those include fruits, vegetables, grain and wheat, so make sure you include them in your daily meals. By increasing your fibre intake you are stimulating regular bowel movements helping you to feel healthy light and avoiding feeling bloated and sluggish.

If you feel like it is time for a body cleanse, then go for it! New Year, new you!
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