How To Improve The Unpleasant Smell After Cooking Fish

your delicious, healthy meal, you face the challenge to Fish has always been considered to be a healthy food and that's the main reason you the dietitians recommend it as a nourishing and at the same time low-calorie food. It's a source of invaluable for your body ingredients but when it comes to cooking, things are a little bit different.

As soon as you finish neutralize the bad smell in your kitchen and sometimes the whole apartment. There are some old and proven tricks to deal with the odor so if you continue reading it won't pose a difficulty for you anymore.

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According to the experienced housewives who are also homemade detergent fans, if the fish smells bad before cooking it means that it will leave a bad odor after cooking. In brief if the fish smells “fishy” put it back on the shelf at the supermarket.
How To Improve The Unpleasant Smell After Cooking Fish

1.Every time you cook fish open the windows so the fresh air eliminate the bad smell. During the winter that's not the most sensible solution do having a good ventilation system or a fan is the other option.

2. Brewing coffee after cooking can make the odor completely disappear. You can even add some cinnamon.

3. After you had your main dish, it's time for a dessert. The smell of just baked muffins can be an excellent neutralizer of the  unpleasant fish smell.

4.Put a bowl of water and vinegar on the stove and leave it for a while. You can put some lemon or orange peels in the bowl if you with so.

5.Admittedly the best way to cook fish without having troubles with the smell after that is to cook it outside. Don't you think it's time to take out the patio furniture and spend a nice evening at the backyard with your family?

6. Scented candles can be another option but try to get cinnamon or lemon-scented. As we have mentioned above, those two serve as good neutralizers.

7. Before you start frying fish put a couple of apple slices into the frying pan. This method will not make the odor completely disappear but it will at least keep it to the minimum so your issue would be half solved.

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8. Sometimes not only the kitchen but also the pans and bowls where the fish was smell nasty. Cut a few potatoes, put some salt on them and leave them in the container for a couple of hours.

9. And as a conclusion, here's a secret one of the best cooks has revealed. If you don't want the fishy smell at home, just peel off the fish skin prior to cooking. Many people have probably never heard of the “wonder flour” but it can make your meal even tastier and save you form a trouble.
10. The fish leaves a bad smell not only in the air but on your hands as well. No worries! You can easily prevent it by rubbing your hands with some butter or soak them in warm tea.

In most cases the bad smell fish causes is unavoidable but admittedly nothing compares to the taste and the health benefits you get by consuming seafood. Well, you'd better put up with the odor for a couple of hours instead of running to the fast food restaurant and ruining your body.

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