How Quitting Addiction Can Increase Your Health Immediately

Addiction comes in many forms and thousands of people around the world struggle with various substances that are harmful to their mental and physical health. Whether you struggle with smoking, drugs or alcohol, taking the steps to quit yields immediate benefits no matter your vice.
How Quitting Addiction Can Increase Your Health Immediately
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Drugs and alcohol are foreign substances to our bodies, and those who introduce these toxins into their system are contaminated. When you make the decision to quit, the body immediately is prompted to remove these toxins and improve health. While it is obvious that many of the toxins are removed through waste material, the body has other ways of relieving itself of harmful materials such as through sweat and even your breath. It would even be worth your while to enter a medical detoxification program that will help reduce the physical and psychological pain.

Improved Cardiovascular Health
The cardiovascular system is crucial and controlled substances can easily cause it damage. Users often complain of high blood pressure and high heart rate. However, quitting your addiction can have a surprisingly quick effect. For example, only a short 20 minutes after having a cigarette, the heart rate returns to normal. Over time, your heart health will make leaps and bounds toward improvement.

Blood Oxygen Levels
If your addiction involves taking smoke into the lungs, you are regularly exposing your body to dangerous carbon monoxide. Unfortunately, just like oxygen, carbon monoxide is able to easily bond with your blood cells, and this hinders oxygen's ability to perform it's job in the body. When you cease, carbon monoxide levels begin to decrease immediately.

Better Hydration
Those suffering from alcoholism have a benefit that improves both their health and their aesthetics. Alcohol causes capillaries to swell, and it also dehydrates. This can cause redness of the face, dandruff, eczema and rosacea. Not only will people notice a positive difference in your appearance, but you can save money on the products you use to treat these common maladies.

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Improved Nutrition
Many drugs cause a severe disruption in normal nutritional behavior. For example, marijuana users are prone to eat when they aren't really hungry while users of methamphetamines can go days without providing their bodies with the nutrients necessary for good health. Quitting puts you back on the right nutritional track.

No Better Time Than the Present
Life is a gift, and it is too short to waste on addiction. While it can be hard to kick an old habit, understanding the immediate benefits can be a good motivator to take this step toward saving your life.
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