Brand New Baker? Five Secrets for Beginning Bakers

The smell of freshly baked goods brings back all kinds of memories. Maybe you enjoyed it when your mother pulled out a fresh rack of cookies, or when the local grocer set out loaves of hot bread to cool. Whatever the case, baking has an allure unlike other forms of cooking. Naturally, many people would love to be able to make some of that magic happen in their own ovens. Here are five tips all you beginning bakers out there can use to delight yourself and others.

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Brand New Baker? Five Secrets for Beginning Bakers
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Gathering Everything You Need
Before you even start baking anything, make sure that you have all the necessary tools cleaned and ready to go. A quality mixer is an especially important piece of the puzzle, but they can be expensive. Even discount KitchenAid mixers can still range in the hundreds of dollars, so considering an older model may not be bad idea. Any mechanical tools that break down can be repaired more cheaply by grabbing spare replacement parts from an appliance store or online source like

Get Everything Measured Before You Start
Baking is a time-sensitive affair, so you do not want to dilly-dally with getting precise measurements in the middle of your preparation. Get everything you need measured out beforehand. When the recipe calls for 1 cup of this or 2 cups of that, you merely have to reach over and grab the ingredient.

Don't Leave Cleaning for the End
Putting your creation together may be fun, but leaving all that cleaning for the end will put a damper on your enthusiasm, especially on bigger projects. Instead, clean things as you use them, keeping the pile of dirty dishes down to a manageable size.

Make Adequate Room in the Oven
Make sure you know where in the oven you have to put something before sticking it in. Some recipes call for the top or bottom rows, and making a mistake here can undo all the effort you put into your work.

Use Timers For Everything
When starting out, do not make the mistake of trying to guess time. Even eyeballing a cake to see if it is done might be something best left to more experienced bakers. Gather multiple timers if need be, and use them! The difference between a perfect cake and a burnt mess could be only minutes, so do not take this chance when you are starting out.

Baking is a skill that is incredibly rewarding for many reasons. Not only will you be able to produce tasty treats, but you will probably endear everyone who gets a whiff as they walk by. These tips can get you started on the path to becoming a master baker. Just remember to share!
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