7 Food Capitals of the World

Paris - Home of haute cuisine
As the capital of haute cuisine, it should come as no surprise that Paris is one of the best cities in the world to eat in. You just have to look at culinary language to see the French influence on food - in fact, such is the reverence for French cuisine that many of the kitchens in the world’s top restaurants communicate solely in French. From Michelin starred restaurants to quintessentially Parisian bistros to the city’s famous patisseries and the edible treats to be found therein, Paris is truly a food lover’s dream.

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Tokyo: The Michelin star capital of the world
With European countries dominating the lists for Michelin starred restaurants, you could be forgiven for overlooking Japan’s status in the culinary world. However, despite being one of just three non-European countries to boasting Michelin starred restaurants, Japan is actually home to more prestigious three-starred restaurants than any other city in the world. Of course, it is hard to beat a good selection of sushi; however, if you are feeling daring, then perhaps try the notorious Fugu, or puffer fish. In the wrong hands, this delicious fish has the potential to be fatal, but thankfully, the chefs are required to have years of rigorous training before they are allowed to serve the dish.
Tokyo: The Michelin star capital of the world
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Bologna Stands Out in a Country Famed for its Food
Italian food has a special place in most people’s hearts; with a wide range of delicious and often very healthy dishes having originated from the “Boot”, the Mediterranean cuisine of Italy is undoubtedly one of the world’s favourites. For many, Bologna leads the way with its range of meats, cheeses and of course the humble bolognaise which the city lends its name to. Bologna isn’t just home to mouth-watering savoury specialties though; if you have a sweet tooth then you are bound to fall in love with Bologna’s many traditional desserts too.
Bologna Stands Out in a Country Famed for its Food
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Mumbai Delicacies Make For an Unforgettable Indian Feast
If you love Indian food then you will love Mumbai. As with the rest of India, the food in Mumbai has a great appreciation for the delicacies of spices, which makes for aromatic dishes that are full of incredible flavours. It is fair to say that you haven’t tried Indian food until you’ve eaten in India, and the street food is something to behold, and definitely worth a try if you are ever lucky enough to experience the wonders of Mumbai.
Mumbai Delicacies
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An Exquisite Balance of Flavours has Made Bangkok the King of Street Food
Talking of street food, for an unforgettable experience of some of the tastiest food on the planet, Bangkok is a must for anyone that is serious about food. The inexpensive yet stunningly delicious food incorporates the traditionally fresh flavours of Thai cuisine for a fast food experience like no other. Marvel as a truly divine meal is prepared and cooked before your very eyes in just a matter of minutes by one of Bangkok’s many highly skilled street chefs.
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London Shrugs of its Reputation to Become a Global Culinary Leader
With its reputation for bland and uninspiring food fast disappearing, there is no better place to experience the food revolution that England is experiencing than in its thriving capital. With a diverse population that is home to people of all different ethnicities, London has benefited from culinary influence spanning every corner of the globe. Few cities are able to offer such a wide range of tastes and styles of food – alongside the nation’s numerous world-famous and Michelin starred venues, diners are also able to enjoy just about any food they can think of at the capital’s thousands of diverse eateries.
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San Sebastian – a Small City with a Big Culinary Reputation
Such is the reputation for this small coastal city located in the Basque region of Spain that many regard the food in San Sebastian as the best city in Europe. This is no mean feat considering the considerable opposition that it is up against, but it is a reputation that is richly deserved. Such is the excellence of San Sebastian’s food that, nestled in with the many tapas bars, are some of the world’s finest Michelin starred restaurants – considering the size of the city, the concentration of such restaurants is one of the highest in the world!
San Sebastian
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