When To Replace Your Old Appliances

People become attached and accustom to many things in life, especially the ones that are the most expensive to replace. No matter how you feel about the appliances around your home though, when it's time for them to go, you've got to get rid of them. Knowing when to say goodby is key.

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When To Replace Your Old Appliances
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Most modern appliances are much more energy efficient than their predecessors. This can prove valuable to you in many ways, particularly by saving time in the kitchen. An older microwave, for example, can leave your frozen dinner too hot to handle in places and still ice cold in others. This can impair your ability to adequately thaw meats or finish a recipe according to instructions. Other appliances that have seen better days can simply leave you feeling uncomfortable, like an old air-conditioner that won't provide you with any chill unless you're right on top of it. When these items around your home have really lost their kick, it's time to kick them to the recycling curb.

If Cost Is A Heavy Burden
Old appliances can wreak havoc on your wallet and still not perform a simple task. This is the point where you definitely want to consider replacement. Your refrigerator can cause food to spoil, meaning more money out the window, while cooking appliances that have unexpected quirks can charbroil that extra money you had left over from this week's paycheck. The heating and cooling elements around your home will cost too much to operate, but still leave you complaining about the temperature. Consider buying new appliances when the one's you've got are wasting too much of your hard-earned cash.
Old Appliances
Image By: K D When Efficiency Is Dramatically Reduced

After The Looks Are Gone
Although most miserly people don't give much credence to aesthetics, there comes a point in every penny pincher's life when an item has lost all its earthly appeal. Usually by the time an appliance reaches this state of deterioration, it's not working very efficiently anyway. If, on the other hand, your microwave or toaster oven is unsightly, but still pulls off a five-star performance, keep it! Glue the knobs back in place or enjoy the quaint look of duct tape and rock on with your money saving ways.

Safety Is Always The Priority
This is one area where no person should ever compromise. Old appliances can create fire hazards, among other things, so if you have any notion that the stove, refrigerator, turntable or other ancient appliance in your home is bordering on dangerous, stop using it at once. Even if you can't afford to replace it right away, it's not worth the risk to your safety and well being or anybody else's. Cut the cord on it, to prevent an unsuspecting person from picking it up and trying to make it work themselves. Loose wires and overheating account for many electrical fires every year, and no amount of money you might save is going to make up for that. Whenever you are in doubt, throw it out!

Proper Disposal
Most consumers have a hard time trying to determine when and where their old household items can be dumped. First, try the online classifieds. If others are advertising the same type of thing you're getting ready to get rid of, offer it for free for parts only. Secondly, contact the clerk at your local town hall and inquire about proper disposal. They should be able to at least point you in the right direction, if not personally inform you about the best way of handling the situation. Never take the unit apart on your own unless you really know what you're doing. It's also important that you take care when lifting and transporting the unit, as older models can be quite heavy.

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Knowing when to replace the older items around your home can save you a lot of time, money and maybe even more. No matter how attached you might be, make it a rule of thumb around your home to have a decent standard of acceptance. Once you finally get the new appliance, you'll know you made the right choice.
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