Ultimate Tourist Places to See in Europe

Europe may be a third the size of Africa, but doesn’t lack in its fair share of tourist attractions. It boasts of rich cultures and history and some of the most spectacular views. Generally, an ideal tourist can produce their country of origin Driving License card for various services across Europe. In case one only has their provisional licence, it is advisable to carry around their passports to avoid any inconveniences as various instalments such as night clubs have different rules on the same. It is not easy to come up with the top tourist destinations for such a diverse region, but here are the leading destinations in recent years.

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1. Paris, France:
With a reputation of being the most romantic and beautiful city, it is no doubt tops this list. Attractions range from strolling along the Seine and resting on the sidewalk cafes to marvelling at magnificent like the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe. It brims with rich historic association while remaining very influential in the
• Art,
• Culture,
• Fashion,
• Design and
• Food realms.
That is a perfect combination that ensures it stays at number one every year.
Paris, France
Image Credit: paularps

2. London, United Kingdom:
From the Buckingham, Place to the Camden Market to the crown jewels, this is a city where art, food, fashion collides with rich history. Forget the noise and vibrancy; this is a truly multicultural city. It is the capital and it is also the largest city in Western Europe.
London, United Kingdom
Image Credit: TJ Morris

3. Rome, Italy:
Rome is picturesque city which many tourists call a “no-brainer” when it comes to choosing a travel destination. Visitors will enjoy the aroma from Italian cooking through networks of amazing alleys to the high end couture that includes Gucci, Prada and Versace. At every turn, historic site will surprise you not mentioning sites like the St. Peters Basilica and the colosseum. The Vatican is a must see too. It gives the feel that it’s a giant outdoor museum.
Rome, Italy
Image Credit: Corvair Owner

4. Barcelona, Spain:
This is another City whose historic architecture will appeal to a larger audience. Set in the Mediterranean coast, it is the country’s second largest city and also the capital of Catalonia. OOne can visit the Gaudi’s Church of the sacred family and finish the journey with a tour of Park Guell. Wine lovers will fall in love with the city. One can sip Sangria as they watch the very talented street performers on the sidewalks.
Barcelona, Spain
Image Credit: sanfamedia.com

5. Berlin, Germany:
Just like London, it’s a cosmopolitan city whose urban culture such as fine dining, original fashion, innovative museums and buzzing nightlife are to look out for. That’s not all; the City offers one a history lesson with Cod War remnants and Holocaust Memorials a major highlight. Its political history which is signified by the Berlin wall is a firm reminder of the serious postwar atmosphere. Even so, the graffiti art on the remnants are a sign of good social progress.
Berlin, Germany
Image Credit: valePerzolla
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Generally, the traveller could derive pleasure from all the above cities. It only depends on their specific interests but as seen, these cities share a wealth of beautiful attractions that the average tourist would be looking for.
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