Tips For Safely Hanging Christmas Lights On Your Roof

Nothing makes for a festive Christmas season like an elaborate display of Christmas lights on your roof. In some neighborhoods, people compete to see who can erect the biggest and brightest display on their roofs. You might prefer a simple display of a few twinkling lights instead. No matter what sort of display you plan to put up, you need to make sure that you do so safely.

In many parts of the country, December is a month of snow and ice. Make sure that you are planning to put your lights up on a day when the weather cooperates. You may not be able to avoid snow and ice entirely, but look for a clear, calm day when the temperature is moderate. Hanging Christmas lights in the middle of a snowstorm is a recipe for disaster.

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Before you head up the ladder, be sure to test your lights to make sure that they all work. The best time to replace a burned out bulb is when you are safely on the ground, not when you are balanced precariously atop your roof, fifteen feet above the ground.

When you are checking the bulbs, you should also check the strand carefully to make sure that there are no exposed wires or broken sockets. These can start fires if you don't notice them. You don't want to notice a frayed wire after you have already hung fifty feet of lights on your house.

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If you can, work from a ladder rather than climbing up onto your roof. Your ladder should be firmly set on stable ground so that it does not slip or tip over while you are on it. Be sure to have someone hold the ladder for you to reduce the chances of it falling over.

The right pair of boots or shoes is important when you are hanging Christmas lights on your roof. You need to choose footwear that has plenty of traction. Avoid wearing sneakers or other shoes that do not have a lot of traction. Even if the roof is not icy or snowy, you could still slip and fall if you do not have the right shoes.

Not all Christmas lights are made for outdoor use. Be sure to double-check and see if your lights are designed for outdoor displays. Trying to use indoor lights on your roof can potentially cause a fire. You should also be sure not to use outdoor lights inside your home for the same reason.

Some people leave their Christmas lights up all year long, but this is not a good idea. Decorative lights are intended to be used for short periods only. They should be taken down after a maximum of 90 days to avoid any damage.

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A festive display of Christmas lights can really create a warm atmosphere of holiday cheer for you and your family. Be sure to stay safe during the holiday season by following the preceding safety tips when you hang your lights.
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