Revamping of Food Restaurant by Applying Useful Tips

Restaurant is a place where we can enjoy some healthy, delicious, and scrumptious food items. Though it is not only meant to serve food, but now people stylize their restaurants with some latest designing techniques and add fun flavor to make their place hit. Actually it is a world of competition, everyone start to compete other to take a top position. Likewise food restaurant also survive with heavy voting and ratings of their customers. Therefore, I also wanted to re vamp my restaurant by adding cheesy activities and best food items to increase my customer list.

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Revamping of Food Restaurant by Applying Useful Tips
Image Credit: Hotel Zugspitze
Maximum Area:
For restaurant, designing it is very important to consider on maximum seating capacity. Because I have noticed that, some people consider all on interior designing and overwhelm their place. However, it is very essential to adjust all chairs and table in an organized manner. Therefore, I adjusted the casual lunch setting at one place and bar alcoholic drinks at other place. Now it was not looking congested. If you have more maximum area then place sofas at the corner of restaurant, it will also spectacular. In this way, guests will also feel comfortable.

Apply Wood Partitions:
In many restaurants, I have observed that tables and chairs are scattered everywhere. This looks so uncluttered. To escape from this mess, I simply installed wooden partitions between VIP cabins and casual cabins. Wooden partitions also work well if they are installed between bar area and simple food area.

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Area Decoration:
Decorating a restaurant in adorable way is quite expensive and hazardous. But to improve the quality, it was necessary. So we decorated beautiful floral branches at four corners of restaurants. Filled vases with beautiful tulips and placed menu cards at every table. Some people apply wallpapers of scrumptious foods at restaurant’s walls. However, this was looking quite ordinary so I thought to buy affordable metal prints   having delicious and yummy foods. Then we hanged these photos in casual food area and bar. We also decorated ceiling with red curtains that were beautifully designed to create a circular look. Moreover, we charmed the area by applying beautiful LED and string lights all over the restaurant that were creating a glaring effect in night.

Add Music:
Mostly people like to take dinner with soft background music. It creates an emotional and romantic touch. Especially when couples come to our restaurant, they ask to play soft music to enjoy the dinner. So I thought to play music on regular basis for all customers. It is better to avoid repetitive tones and music because it really feds up the customers. Therefore, we bought some beautiful and famous instrumental songs to charm the environment.

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Rest Rooms:
Cleaning of rest rooms is very important. Because mostly people leave the area because of dirt. Therefore, I assigned one person on this task to put trash in dustbins every morning. Adding flowerpots in the room can add fresh flavor to the room. If you want to convey some message about room usage, then create a chart of simple guidelines about hotel and print  photos on glass  so that people conveniently see and judge the hotels performance. It is also important to set ventilating systems of room. Because lack or excess of heating or cooling could be, irritate able for customers.

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