Clean and Organize Your Junk Drawer

A junk drawer means an unorganized space. The purpose of such facilities is to collect all the clutter that otherwise scattered around in the house will take up too much space. Even if a junk drawer is expected to be unorganized, it gets quite inconvenient if too messy. You open it to grab a pencil but you can see nothing from all the items stored inside. You are looking for your old keys but you have to struggle in the mess half an hour.

Junk drawers need to be organized too. If you are tired of never finding the item you are looking for, maybe you need to tidy up a little. Here we will show you how you can keep this place neat and organized. Check it out.

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Clean and Organize Your Junk Drawer
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Before you begin... Make sure you have the following items at hand:

•    Drawer organizer (drawer cubes or other)
•    Small bag or box
•    Paper towel (damp)
•    Trash bag

Organizing your junk drawer

1. First off, take out the drawer and place it onto an easy-to-clean surface. You may even cover the surface with a plastic cloth or an old towel.

2. Wipe the inside of the drawer with a damp towel and put it away.

3. Next, make sure you sort all the items and throw away all of them that you no longer need. Use the trash bag for this purpose.

If you find an item that doesn't belong here, put it away. You will find its place later.

4. After that sort the rest of the items similarly. For example, put all the pencils and pens together. Arrange everything in piles.

5. When you are done, take the drawer and put drawer cubes or small boxes inside. You need enough sections so that you can organize your stuff better. Next, put all the items in the drawer, dividing them among the sections. Put pencils together, notepads into another section and so on and so forth. Make sure you group similar items if you don't have sections for every item.

Additional advice

•    If you make it a habit to put the items where they belong, you will need to clean the junk drawer less often.

•    Check your junk drawer every week so that you are sure no items that don’t belong there have been placed inside. If you notice things that shouldn’t be in the drawer, take care of them.

•    Small items can be put into containers with lids. On top of the lid you may add a sticky note saying what stuff there is inside. This way you’ll always know what stuff you’ve put there and you’ll find things easier. It is true that the lids may make it a bit difficult to access the stuff in the containers, but they are certainly a great idea.

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•    When you gather all the pens together, test if they have ink. You really don’t need pens that cannot be used as they have run out of ink. Throw them away. There are no excuses for storing items that don’t work unless they hold sentimental value, and pens surely don’t.

•    All papers can be stored in folders. If you have any receipts that you’re not going to need, feel free to put them in the trash bag. Take-out menus and other items you want to keep, can be placed in manila folders.

•    Drawer organizers can be found in home goods stores. They are sold in different styles and sizes so you will certainly find the one that fits best your junk drawer.

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