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Once someone asked me to tell about the most beautiful and fascinating airports of the world. And believe me I got blank. No the reason is not like that I have never been to travel around the world but the reason was that, I was thinking to which should be enlisted at top.  So I think description of most beautiful airports in the world is quite difficult and especially if you have ever been to a world tour. Well I think there are some airports which are beyond than extra ordinary. And my simple words are not enough to explain their beauty. So let’s go and take a short tour of airports with me.

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Incheon International Airport, South Korea:
This airport is also one of my favorite. And it is the largest and busiest airport of the world. Airport Council International awarded it as a best airport of the world and it has received 5 stars from sky lax. It is not only an airport but also equipped with lots of entertaining activities like it has indoor gardens, casinos, golf course and much more to entertain. I observed that its walls are decorated with some unusual styles; they were decorated with fabulous digital photos on canvas having flights schedules which incorporated to provide the flight timings and act as beauty enhancers.
Incheon International Airport, South Korea
Image Credit: Lazy_Hippo

Denver International Airport:
Now let’s go to USA’s Denver International Airport, which is great mark on beauty. Its runways are formed like swastika shape. When you enter in the airport you will see different references of Nazi’s. Even in the hall way there is a picture on cheap canvas prints showing a Nazi soldier attacking on dove. This is quite enlarged and meant to motivate the people. One more fascinating piece was ‘Granite Monument’, it is said that it contained a time capsule and will be open only in 2094.
Denver International Airport
Image Credit: Uschi

Bilbao, Spain:
Bilbao Airport is also known as ‘La Paloma’. Because of its designing style, it is designed like a bird is going to take flight. This airport is most famous among Spanish’s 6 airports.
Bilbao, Spain
Image Credit: Purple Cloud

Beijing Capital International Airport, China:
It was inaugurated in 2008.  Norman Foster designed the construction of Terminal 3. It was basically design to welcome the Summer Olympic athletes. It is created in the form of fish having scales. Also designed with yellow and red flags and this is the symbol of China.
Beijing Capital International Airport, China
Image Credit: Nam-ho Park

Kuala Lumpur International Airport:
If we talk about beauty, then how is it possible that I forget to mention Kuala Lumpur Malaysia? Kuala Lumpur is itself a beautiful and extravagant place. This airport was established in 1998 by Kisho Kurakawa. Its beauty is eclectic that no one can mistakenly mix its style and designing with any other airport. Its hall is decorated with Islamic style domes. Beautiful columns tapered towards top. In the hallway, wooden ceilings are pierced with beautiful spotlights. That was totally unforgettable character in the airport.
Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Image Credit: shankar

Menara International Airport, Morocco:
Menara airport is quite small and simple. It looks extremely beautiful due to its facet created design. It has two terminals. It is one of the busiest airports in the world, which deals 3 million passengers in a year. People use buses or taxi’s to reach the city.
Menara International Airport, Morocco
Image Credit: YoTuT

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