5 Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Wedding Caterer

Planning your wedding day has to be one of the most daunting and time consuming things you will have to do in your life; so you want to get it right.

You have to think about the venue, the date, the dresses, the invites and the food. The food, like the others, is extremely important and could make or break your wedding. Catering for everyone’s taste can be difficult but if you leave it in the hands of a wedding caterer, a lot of stress is off your mind.

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5 Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Wedding Caterer
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The Cost
One of the things most people think about when organizing their wedding is the cost. You don’t want to pay too much, but you always want to get your money worth without it being noticeably cheap. It’s a fine balance! Getting good value for money is essential, but the quality is equally as important. If you have a budget, find wedding caterers that fall into that category.

The Menu
As mentioned, catering to everyone’s taste can turn out to be a nightmare, which is often why people choose to only offer party food. But, if you wanted to give your guests something a little bit special then wedding caterers will be able to provide a menu that covers a wide range of foods, suitable for a wide range of people. The broader the menu, the happier the guests - so bare this in mind when choosing the right wedding caterer.

The Distance
Distance is important too and a lot of brides and grooms don’t take this into consideration. A local wedding caterer is always a good idea in case the company you have chosen cook from their business and bring it to you. If they cook on-site then location doesn’t really matter. Although, if for some reason a problem were to arise, it could be simply corrected by them swiftly going back to their headquarters and making amends.

The Reputation
You can read reviews online to find out about a certain company but this can often be inaccurate. A lot of people that go online to write a review do it to make a complaint and very rarely for a nice word to say. Although, a string of bad reviews is clearly telling you something. Listen to friends and family, they may have used someone before that they would recommend. See if the company has won any awards because this is a clear indication that they are well up to the task.

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The Added Extras
A number of wedding caterers will now offer you a service of the entire food and drink. This will include the wedding cake, the sit down meal, the canapes and the alcohol and soft drinks. It might be beneficial to do this in order to ensure everything is covered and taken care of with one company instead of using a number – which could get a bit messy.

Choosing the right wedding caterer is important and can often turn an average wedding into a brilliant one. So, take your time and choose the perfect one for you and your guests.

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