4 Top Home Decoration Trends of 2014

Beginning of a new year is perhaps best of the times to consider undertaking few new beginnings to improve your lifestyle. The interiors of your home play a significant role in your quality of life and should be on top of your priority list as far as your new year’s resolutions are concerned. There are a number of trends popularly to be taken up by people during 2014 to spruce up their home interiors, so we list here the most important of them for your inspiration.

1    Bright Colors on Neutral Bases
2014 is expected to witness some newer trends in colour combinations within homes. If you are planning repainting your interiors, going with neutral colour bases like white, black, grey and cream is preferable. Using these neutral hues as foundation colours for your artistic interiors, other colour splashes can be added all across the room. This technique results in attention drawn to brightly colored objects in the room. This looks especially good if you like the idea of designer leather beds in the bedroom, just like in the image given below.
Bright Colors on Neutral Bases Home Decorations
Image Credit: Clara In Paradise

2    Reliving the Past
With past few years seeing increased inclination of people towards contemporary sleek furniture, this year is expected to see an increased number of people going for vintage designs, reliving the joyful yesteryears. There are number of different ways that can be followed to do this.
•    Buying out conventional ornaments and other room decorations
•    Using timber shelves, panels, cupboards, etc
•    Buying old styled fabrics home furniture
Old Vintage Furnitures
Image Credit: Yen Hung Lin
In fast paced lives that we are living today, slowing down in homes with vintage themed furnishing can be very different and attractive.

3    Space Saving Trends
In our modern styled lives, cities are expanding while living areas are getting confined with every passing day. The good thing, however, is that furniture industry has moved quite far ahead and have come up with numerous space saving innovations in furniture design. From bed designs with underbed storage of different types, sizes and designs to space efficient cupboards with sliding doors rather than popping out doors to wall hanging bookshelves, there is so much contemporary space saving furniture has put at your disposal.
Space Saving Trends in Home decoration 2014
Image Credit: Agata Lubarska

4    Lighting
Another area where 2014 would pick up in home decoration trends is increasing efficiency in usage of lights and shadows. For example, if you have the advantage of ample natural light flooding into your home, you better use such elements to their maximum potential. It is always a good idea to be playful with the lights and shadows in your household, but the significance remains using the lighting to maximize all its potentials.
Lighting in Home decore
Image Credit: Andy Tye
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