What to Do for Fun on a New Year’s Eve?

New Year is one of those days that you know you will definitely be having fun at, but how and what you will do, one is never too sure. New Year is widely celebrated around the world. Even country like China, who has a Chinese calendar and different New Year, celebrates the Georgian calendar New Year along with whole of the world. Muslim countries also follow a parallel calendar of Georgian calendar which is based on moon as compared to Georgian calendar which is based on sun. The celebration of New Year can be seen happening in Muslim countries like Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan as well.

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What to Do for Fun on a New Year’s Eve?
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So New Year is an even that is celebrated even more than the religious events like Christmas and so on. Since most of the population of the world is usually enjoying the holidays already when we are about to reach New Year’s Eve, the celebrations are of more intensity. It is such a huge event that it is covered live by nearly all the news broadcasting channels. It starts according to the time zone from ‘Kiritimati’ or ‘Christmas Island’ of the Republic of “Kiribati” in Pacific Ocean and goes all the way around ending at the small region of USA of ‘Baker Island’ and ‘Howland Island’.

The 24 hours journey from ‘Kiritimati Island’ to ‘Howland Island’ is full of some amazing moments that become cover pages of many magazines in coming months. Picture taken during these 24 hours are printed on large and custom canvas prints to be sold as souvenirs around the world during the whole coming year. If you are thinking of doing something for fun then here are few thoughts for you.

Whether you are planning to go abroad to a holiday destination or planning something in your own city, you need to do a bit of research for fishing out the best possible options available for you. If you are planning to go abroad, this kind of information you can get from some tour operators or the internet as well. Tour operators usually give you quick knowledge of everything, including every little expense so you have a clear picture. Researching on internet can be though time consuming but will also need a bit of calculation of expense on your own. In case you are planning to do something within the city, the best will be to look in local magazine or new papers for events being held for the New Year’s Eve.

Confirm the plan early
Yes, if you really don’t want to miss what you have planned after having a meeting with a tour operator, confirm it as soon as possible. As the New Year approaches, the rush for everything including air travel and hotel reservation increases, resulting in nothing left for later days. So get confirmed bookings and tickets of tour you have finalized. As for within the city activity, whatever you have decided after going through the magazine and local new paper, make sure to book a ticket of that activity and get it as early as possible. A reservation for dinner to a restaurant, entrance to a night club or some other activity requiring reservation needs to be handled many weeks before New Year to avoid disappointment.

What you have planned for this New Year 2014? share it in the comments below.
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