Simple Tricks To Boost Your Mileage And Save Money On Gas Purchases

Be it a work related drive, or that during a vacation, boosting the mileage of your car and saving money on the gas purchase is topping on everyone's priority list. All credit goes to the soaring gasoline prices in the US The following tips would help you engage in budget friendly ways to purchased gas in the US and also lead to an increase of mileage for your car.

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Simple Tricks To Boost Your Mileage
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1 Choose The Most Effective Octane
While some of the cars do require premium fuel to run, most of the others simply work on the regular octane. Make it a point to thoroughly check the manual of your car and see which level of octane has been recommended in that. Using higher level of octane than what is recommended in the manual costs you more when you are at the petrol pump and hence, serves you in no way. Therefore, unless your owner's manual mentions the usage of a particular level of octane, it is wise to stick to the regular octane which is used for most of the cars.

2 Search Around
Before going straight to the pump and purchasing gas for your car, you can indulge in some Google search. Try to find out if any phone apps or websites are offering you any discounts if you choose to purchase gas via them. And chances are that there must be plenty of such websites offering you discounts and other fascinating offers. A simple approach is good, but in today's tech savvy online world, there are many benefits that coming up. So save money when you can by trying out one of these methods. Also many gas stations give out advertisements at their locations as weekly specials, so go out and check these things around.

3 Limit The Use Of AC
There is no denial of the fact that sitting comfortably in your air conditioned car and listening to your favorite music or playing on your smart phone feels divine. And especially if it is all hot and stuffy outside and you do not wish to intermingle with the outside environment. However, using the AC of your car in such extensive manner would lead to a hefty consumption of gas, thereby affecting the mileage and also upsetting your budget. Frequent gas refills are often indicative of a lifestyle that is too luxurious, it might sound pompous but the fact is that such habits are unwise. Only when you respect money, it earns back the respect for you. Use the air conditioner in your car only when you need it rather than when you want it. There is a difference.

4 Avoid Speeding & Idling
It is always recommended that you turn off the engines when you have to wait for a longer period of time. In case you have already anticipated a wait, nothing better than that. Keeping your car standing in one spot while the engine is still idling away all its fuel, will not only lead to more consumption of gas, but would also affect the quality and efficiency of its engine.  Some other disadvantages are costing you more money and polluting the environment. Enhance the mileage by turning the engine off as and when you are required to wait somewhere. Very often such habits have been observed in people who are too lazy to turn off the engine and start it all over again when the needs to get moving again.
Tricks To Boost Your Mileage
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Also, try to avid random and erratic speeding of your car. While it sounds and seems to be heroic and filmy, there are no fluffs attached to it when viewed in a practical perspective.  When your car runs at a speed above 60 miles per hour, gas mileage decreases rapidly. According to, each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional 24 cents per gallon for gas.

5 Paying Mode
Instead of paying the hard and simple cash to purchase gas every time you visit the pump, check out and try other payment modes like paying through credit cards etc., which could probably offer you some additional benefits as well, apart from aiding money management.  Choose a credit card that offers cash back on a particular amount of purchase. Some credit cards also offer rebates, though not all. When opting for this method, it is advisable to read the fine print, aka the interest rates, fees, charges etc before finalizing anything.

6 Keep The Top Carrier Free
Avoid stuffing and overloading the roof rack of your car with luggage and heavy loadings. Over burdening the carrier of your car leads to wind resistance which in turn decreases fuel economy by 5 per cent. Wind resistance would naturally affect the speed of the car, putting more pressure on the engines and thereby making the engines eat up more and more fuel in order to run efficiently.

7 Tire Care
In order to increase the gas mileage of your car by 3 per cent and improve the its handling, make sure that the tires of your car are always well aligned and adequately inflated.  You can always consult the annual of the car in order to check the level of inflation which is suitable for the car. To check the pressure of tires, always check them when they are cold because the tire heats up and its internal pressure increases when the tire has hit the road for quite a while.

8 Improve Mileage By Changing Oil
Check for the motor oil that says "Energy Conserving" on the performance symbol of the American Petroleum Institute as this contains additives that reduce friction and enhances the fuel economy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if you wish to improve your gas mileage, always choose the motor oil which has been recommended by the manufacturer of the car.

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