Glorify Your Christmas with Sentimental Homemade Gifts

Christmas blessings were ready to celebrate and I was quite excited and planning to make this Christmas worth memorable. The laudable Christmas celebrations are useless if you are not presenting some sentimental gifts to your loved ones. Now I know you will complaint about the high prices of beautiful items. But I found some simplest ways to double the charm of Christmas without consuming extra money.

And these are none other than to present handmade gifts which are tied with your love and affection. I decided to make all friends surprised on this Christmas evening but some preparations were needed to made, so I started to pre-plan the things to celebrate the harmonious Christmas.

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Glorify Your Christmas with Sentimental Homemade Gifts
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Homemade Morning salts for Christmas:
Bath salt is basically a drug often containing cathinones and has similar effects to cocaine. Its white crystals resemble Epsom salts. Its name derived from the substances in which the drugs were being sold. Its preparing process is not so difficult, it only needs 35-40 minutes to prepare. But I was making them first time so it seems difficult. I collected some necessary ingredients like:
•    Small Glass jars
•    Scissors
•    Metallic pen
•    A cup to measure
•    Paper
•    Water colors
•    Funnel and brush
•    Container
•    Epsom salt, rosemary and kosher salt.

So after purchasing these items I started to prepare the different colored bath salts. I added Epsom salt with a combination of rosemary. Then kosher salt combined with powdered milk. Added 8-11 oil drops, shakes the content and poured salt into container with funnel. Then I painted a paper with a color that was reflecting the day.

After some time and hard work I made it successfully. An added salt into glass jars.

Gingerbread Family kit:
Another purposeful item was gingerbread family kit that is quite popular among Australian kids. I just bought some candies and decorative frosting from the market and thought to pack in a sparkly paper to present. A baked ginger bread man was ready when I combined floor, ginger, cinnamon and baking soda. Added eggs slowly, divided the dough into 2 parts and wrapped in plastic. Then heated the oven above 350 centigrade’s and after 10 minutes they were ready to present.

Food Items:
Other food items like Pringles and chocolate cookies are also best to present. I packed them in colorful sparkly paper and tied those ribbons. That was looking attractive and eye catching for children.

Sweater Mittens:
The best gift in December could be none other than a soft and warm sweater mitten, which is cherish enough to beautify your winter. I took an old sweater, tapestry and pins to make this warmth gift. And after sometime of needle work I was able to present it to someone.

Santa Gifts:
I found some beautiful pictures of Santa holding gifts. Then thought to transform them at canvas prints, and added another beautiful item to present gifts to my friends and family.

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Special Gift Item:
Presenting photo frames to your friends is getting old now. So I thought to adopt new ways and decided to commemorate memories by applying photo onto canvas. And then presented this magnificent gift to my very close friend which was the symbol of pure love and affection.
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