Arranging a Perfect Dinner for Your Valentine

A quote by Dan Savage reminds us little about what we do not need to neglect or worst forget, “I get letter every year from women who think Valentine’s Day is an empty exercise, but are ironically pretty exercised when their boyfriends neglect or forget it’.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in memory of one of the Saint Valentine who was persecuted by the Roman Empire for administering marriages of the soldiers, who at time were forbidden to get married. Many art galleries display the known image of Saint Valentines printed on large canvas print to remember his action for love. Before his execution, he wrote a farewell letter to the jailer’s daughter whom he healed, by the title of ‘from you Valentine’.

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Arranging a Perfect Dinner for Your Valentine:
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He was buried on 14th of February and so this date until recently was included in the Roman Catholic calendar of the Saints as a feast day. This has been removed now from that calendar with an explanation by the Roman Catholic Church that, very little is known about Saint Valentines but that he was buried on 14th of February.

Romantic Dinner for Your Valentine
Planning a perfect dinner for your valentine is associated with how much deeply you know your partner. Arranging things according to their choice is which really touches your partner’s inner chords. Here are few things to keep in mind:
-    Decide for a perfect gift for your partner according to their choice along with some chocolates to go with it.
- Decorate the room where you plan to sit before finally going to the dining table. Use pillows and cushion with brilliant colors like red, blood red or white and red furry pillows.
-    Use Roses blood red and white in both the room for decoration. Rose symbolizes emblem of love and gives a delicate touch to the whole thing.
-    You can also use a memorable photo of you both on a canvas frame, hung on one of the wall to bring the old memories back. It can be a photo from your honeymoon after marriage or maybe your first date.
-    Use candle lights for the lighting of your sitting area and couple of aroma candles as well.
-    Choose the choice of light music you want to play during the whole evening. Compile a list of the songs that will play on for at least 3 hours.
-    Turn on aroma candle and music before your partner is about to reach your place.
   Now to the menu of the dinner. Go for an appetizer to begin with followed by the 2 -3 main course and wrapping it up with a brilliant dessert with a presentation according to the Valentine’s Day. A choice of wine of your partners taste and according to your menu is also important.
-    Make your dinner a candle lit dinner.
-    Place a handmade card with a romantic message along with one red rose on top of it at your partner side of table.
-    Use exquisite crockery and wine glasses for your dinner.
-    Presentation and serving of the dishes in a proper manner and with care also give an extra edge to the romantic environment you are hoping to create.
-    Plan and choose a romantic movie to watch after your dinner while cuddled up in each other’s arms.
-    To wrap it all up, turn the lights dim and dance slowly with each other on light music.

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