8 Most Common Drug Addiction Signs And Life-Saving Recovery Tips

Drug abuse is a very common occurrence in the US and every year, nearly 40 million people get seriously ill and injured. Also, an intense drug abuse could make you land in a rehab center or at other times could even mortify. It is all the more painful, if any one of your loved one or family member happens to turn out a drug addict. If so, be strong and take heart that every storm passes away. And love is more powerful than any addiction, any day!

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8 Most Common Drug Addiction Signs And Life-Saving Recovery Tips
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You could always fix the problem if you identify it in first place. Here are the signs which almost every drug addict displays, which would help you to identify drug abuse in a person.

1 Physical Symptoms
Consumption of drugs hamper your inner health and therefore, it exhibits certain signs on the outside as well. Drug abusers usually have puffy, blood shot eyes with constricted pupils and usually their eye contact with you would be impaired. You would notice a certain level of hyperactivity in and tremors in their body while their speech either turns too fast or they fumble a lot while speaking. You would also smell a strange kind of odor on their breath, body or clothes. If the person you are suspecting exhibiting these physical signs you could be sure that he/she is abusing drugs and must be stopped.

2 Sleeping Habits
If the person is sleeping in for hours longer than his usual sleeping time, or on the contrary if he has started staying awake most of the time, there is something to worry about. Drugs obstruct the balance of your mind and cause a direct and adverse effect on the pituitary and adrenal glands. This in turn either makes the body too active or very lethargic. You must have often seen that characters of drug abusers which are portrayed in movies constantly keep shaking their legs, hands and neck.

3 Poor Memory, Concentration and Performance
A drug addict always has inadequate memory, his performance levels constantly stoop low, and he finds it very difficult to concentrate on a particular job or thing for a very long span of time. Constantly forgetting what he said or done or ate last night, where did he go and from where is he returning are signs of people addicted to drugs. If someone from your family or friend circle, who otherwise stayed alert, suddenly starts undergoing these changes, then it means drugs have entered into his blood.

4 Unpredictable & Strange behavior
Has a normally quiet and peaceful person suddenly stating getting into fights for no rhyme or reason? Or has someone who was active and belligerent, suddenly become overly quiet and indifferent? Abusing certain drugs could bring about sudden changes in your personality. Also, the person starts behaving in a suspicious manner. You would often catch him lying or not giving clear answers when being questioned about where he is coming from or what he was doing. They also start coiling inside themselves and become too private for their space.

5 Perpetual Financial Need
The people who are constantly consuming drugs in high levels always are in need of more money, even though they earn well. Drugs are mostly sold in an illegal manner and therefore are quite costly. So if a person is always financially broke even when it is only the 10th of a particular month, it means he is spending his money on some unusual expenditure. Also, if he lies or avoids questions about his expenditures or monetary state, it means there are some seriously fatal habits that are eating up all the money. Drug addicts are also caught stealing money, jewelry pieces or other expensive items for their constant financial requirement.

6 Mood Swings
A drug abuser goes through never ending and constantly swaying moods, for no apparent reason. Suddenly becoming chirpy and laughing crazily and in no time crying over frivolously for something, is a very common sign people who are high on drugs. The pituitary gland is adversely affected by over consumption of drugs which causes these unpredictable mood swings and making the person so unstable emotionally. Dwelling into pits of depression and not being able to pull themselves out it is also a common discomfort which drug addicts go through.

7 High Risk Sexual Behavior
If your partner or someone you know always indulges in high risk sexual behavior, then it is a cause of concern as not only is there a suspicion that he/she might be addicted to drug abuse but this would also sabotage his partner's life as well. Watch out and check if the person insists on engaging in sexual contact only after consuming a certain level of alcohol or any other drug for that matter. These kind of people also insist on indulging in unsafe sex. Please be very alert if you experience such situations and immediately reach out for help.

8 Finding Drugs At Home
In a session of spring cleaning, if you happen to discover packets of drugs or unusual amount of alcohol bottles, then you could be sure of the fact that you have a drug abuser residing in your house. However, do not be aggressively confrontational with respect to only one sign. Start searching for more and possibilities are you would soon find out who in your family is addicted to abusing drugs. After you identify, question the person and talk to him in an assertive not aggressive manner about what has he got into and how you could pull him out of this rut.

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