Some Effective Methods To Make Good Compost Heap

Composting has been one of the most effective methods to improve the quality of the soil in the fields and gardens since time immemorial. The first step of the composting is the preparation of the good compost heap but it can be a daunting task for newbies. However, there are many easy to do tips and methods that will help both newcomers and those who want to improve their existing compost heap.

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Some Effective Methods To Make Good Compost Heap
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Tips to Make Compost Heap:
Following lines elaborate some effective tips to prepare compost heap in your lawn.

•    Buy a Descent Compost Bin:
If you do not want to build a large compost bin such as those present in big fields and nurseries, you better buy a compost bin. These bins are usually very compact and are perfect for smaller home gardens and lawns.

•    Pick a Suitable Spot:
The best spot for any compost bin is a level ground with effective drainage system so that any excessive water may easily be drained out. This is also very important for the worms to start their work of decomposing content into smaller pieces.

•    Worms will Do the Hard work:
The Mother Nature has provided us the best waste disposal machines in the likes of humble and hardworking worms. They can live in the dark for almost all of their lives and love to dwell in the warm atmosphere present in the compost heaps. They will eat away any waste material thrown in by you converting them to liquid feed and compost. In this regard, the Tiger Worm is the most effective worm in eating organic wastes.

•    Put in the Right Stuff:
The perfect things for making good compost are fruit wastes, vegetable peelings, plant prunings, tea bag and also grass cuttings. These stuffs provide essential moisture as well as nitrogen and are very easy to break down as well. Other things you can include are cardboard egg boxes and fallen leaves. Although they are quite slow to rote yet they prepare important air pockets in the mixture and provide essential fibers and carbon as well.

•    Get the Right Balance:
You need to put in everything in the right proportion to get a really effective compost heap.  In this regard, you need to keep your “browns” and “greens” in immaculate balance. Therefore, if your compost is too wet or too dry, put in more browns or greens respectively. It is also imperative to ensure that enough air is reaching inside the compost. One simple way of adding more air is to mix the ingredients regularly.

•    Get Best out of Your Compost:
You will get a dark brown and black soil like layer at the bottom of your bin once your compost is ready. Furthermore, the heap will have a sponge like character and should be extremely rich in nutrients. The spreading of this compost on your flowerbeds will suppress weeds and improve the soil quality. Furthermore, it is the best known fertilizer and will limit the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

A well maintained and prepared compost heap can provide you with an effective fertilizer and soil booster reducing dependency on artificial and somewhat dangerous fertilizers.

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