How to Manage a Perfect Christmas Dinner?

It is a little over a month left to Christmas day and the time is flying by because of busy schedules of our lives. Though the business of life will never end but the planning of Christmas has already started for many of us. In fact many of us start this planning at least three months before December. Dwight D. Eisenhower was the 34th President of United State. He once said and I quote, “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.”

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Though these words might have been said in some other pretext but the idea is the same, plan needs to be implemented with proper and good planning. For me personally, plans pop up whenever I come across some magazine, new paper or may it be acrylic mounts of a photographic images on a wall of a place I visited. It is not until at least 3 months before the Christmas that my real planning starts.
How to Manage a Perfect Christmas Dinner?
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I am very fond of family and friends get together. I take special care in arranging a dinner party for all my friends and family members on the occasion of Christmas. Since the Christmas holidays are of 2 weeks usually, I finalize a date for the dinner party after consulting nearly all of my friends and family members. The idea is to ensure all of them able to make it to the dinner since everybody is either throwing a party themselves or is either invited to one on nearly every evening during these holidays. So starting the planning 3 months to go becomes even more important. Here is a bit of glance of how I manage a Christmas dinner:

1st Step
Starting few months before the intended dinner party, I send email of mobile messages to all family members reminding them of Christmas dinner at my place and a proposed date for the event. This helps as those members who have already planned something mention this in reply otherwise confirm their availability. In my experience, only once I had to change the proposed date otherwise every event went as planned. This is the biggest advantage of planning it bringing it into implementation early.

2nd Step
The date deciding or changing carries on parallel to my planning for the event itself. Keeping in mind the number of guests I go for arrangement of seating and entertaining them all. My wife is a gem and she takes the leading role when it comes to cooking and arranging, but heavy work of moving and arranging stays with me and couple of my friends. So we friends plan for the availability of seats and sitting area to suit the occasion. Usually friends get sofas and seats from their houses to my place and in case they are not available I go for renting some seating arrangement. The menu of the event is also decided between wife and her friends and family members that will be helping her in cooking.

3rd Step
This step is the final step of decorating the place and cooking the decided menu. Since the theme of decoration is already decided in previous discussions, last day we have to only implement those things and get the seating arrangements according to our planning. While the other party is busy in cooking, we take care of the heavy work of moving and fixing things on wall for decoration according to the event. The Christmas tree is decorated anyway because of the event by kids so we really do not have to work on that and decoration of its surroundings. The event as always has a finally with photo sessions and light couple dance.

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