How to Manage and Care For Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

In Australia, there are many different types of grasses and turfs available for lawns but only a few have the potential to endure the harsh Australian weather. Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is best of breed when it comes to turf and it has the resilience to sustain the Australian weather conditions, and stay green, soft and healthy.

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How to Manage and Care For Sir Walter Buffalo Turf
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Maintaining Sir Walter Buffalo Turf requires a strict maintenance routines. Most importantly, buffalo grass has stolons and no rhizomes; therefore, it is necessary that you do not damage it by using strong fertilizers or chemicals. According to the experts, use of a good slow release fertilizer is recommended, and it should be applied in early spring and early autumn for cooler regions, and mid-autumn for warmer regions. Follow the recommendations of the fertilizer supplier for dosage and coverage.

Together We Can Care For Your Sire Walter Buffalo
Compared to other grass varieties such as kikuyu and couch, Sir Walter Buffalo turf is generally better at fighting off weeds. If you find weeds in your Sir Walter Buffalo turf, remove them immediately using proper techniques. Contact your local supplier for the best solutions for your particular weeds and infestations.

Mowing of Sir Walter Turf is easy, but don’t forget to consider several points such as thatch development, shade and watering frequency. If you want a tight thick lawn, then a mowing height of 30mm is best to get the desired results. Remember, the shorter the lawn, the more watering is required.  If you want to limit the usage of water, then a mowing height of 50mm is recommended.
There are many factors to consider before you mow your Sir Walter Buffalo Turf for summer. The most important point to consider is the mowing heights of the turf.

Depending on your personal preferences, always keep the mowing heights between 30mm to 50mm in the open, full sunlight areas and in shaded regions do not mow less than 50mm to 60mm in height. Shorter mowing in shaded regions may stress your lawn and possibly destroy it. A Sir Walter buffalo lawn requires at least 2 to 3 hours of direct sunlight per day for proper growth.

Using these simple Sir Walter turf lawn care tips, it will be easy for you to maintain the lushness and the greenness of your perfect lawn.
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