Food Adventures - 4 New Cuisines To Try

Are your taste buds bored with the same fast-food fodder week after week? Thank your battered palate and impress your friends when you tell them how you tried these five unusual foods.
Food Adventures - 5 New Cuisines To Try
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1. Fugu
Perhaps one of the deadliest delicacies around, this puffer fish must be prepared by specially trained chefs. Poor preparation will contaminate the dish with tetrodotoxin, a poison with no antidote. Death by fugu is uncommon, however, and usually results from attempted home preparation. Go to one of the handful of restaurants in the US that prepare fugu, most of which are found in New York.

2. Marrow Bones
Ever wonder why some animals break open the bones to suck out the marrow? Bone marrow is an underappreciated delicacy packed with monosaturated fats, reducing your bad cholesterol level. Spread on toast, made into sauce, or used as a garnish, marrow is best eaten in moderation due to its high fat content, so watch out. Whether you eat it straight or combine it with other dishes, though, it’s well worth the mouth-melting journey into meat heaven. Some of the best East Village restaurants in New York have great marrow bones.

3. Durian
Hailing from southeast Asia, durian has a powerful, distinctive smell. This bizarre-looking, thorny fruit is banned in some public places in Asia because it smells like dirty socks to some people (though others claim that it is pleasantly fragrant). The flesh is considered a delicacy. Alfred Russel Wallace described it as “rich custard highly flavored with almonds.” You might love it, you might hate it, but one thing’s for certain – you won’t forget it.

4. Three-fried Beans
This addicting southern classic is made with refried beans that are then fried, battered, then fried again, kind of like falafel. It’s not common, either, as a quick internet search will yield limited results. Find a recipe and try it out, however, and you may just find your neighbors beating down the door for a taste.

Ready to break out of the monotonous white noise of boring meals? See you at the market. Happy food adventures.
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