Awkward Rtuals of Christmas Round the World

All around the world, people enjoy Christmas with high spirits sharing loads of gifts, grand holiday feasts, huge sparkling trees, parties full of fun and lot more. However, some bizarre and out of the way rituals are carried out by various cultures and traditions. It would be exciting as well as knowledgeable to know about the awkward traditions to enjoy and mark Christmas with weird thoughts of specific region.

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Awkward Rtuals of Christmas Round the World
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The Belgian tradition of Christmas strangely possesses two Santa Clauses, Pere Noel and St. Nicholas. Where the St. Nicholas is the bad character, who bring about investigation of unsuspecting child to be born. On the day of Dec 4, he thaws out into the Belgian murkiness more profound investigation. For kids it carries some lesson, that if you are bad then the Santa will make you pay for your deeds and will not grant good gifts on Christmas to naughty kids. On the other hand if a kid performs nice doings than he will be rewarded by the great Santa.

There are few of strange patterns of Christmas that people follow in capital of Venezuelan, Caracas that children tends to tie one end of Christmas string to their toe, then droop the other end out of their windowpane just to have fun. The more strange ritual that can be found in Venezuelan culture is to tuck up your roller skates and participate to morning accumulation on Christmas Day, and take this ritual to another height by plucking on any lynching strings you may pass.

In the modern day the Italian parents seems anxious over the bold personality of contemporary Santa Claus, who stopped telling the kids that Santa has given them to their parents. On the other hand, where Vatican is still unable to verify the reality of Santa Claus but strangely is convinced regarding the existence of witches.  The Vatican has determined to inform children that a benevolently old witch named La Befana, delivers babies to their parents. According to this tradition, La Befana has missed to see the newborn Christ baby due to her claptrap and now to overcome that mislay, she goes to every house each Christmas, offering unique Christmas gifts to kids and glimpsing for the Holy baby. This is the completely strange and unbelievable idea even for kids in Italy.

The Brazilian Santa Claus named Papai Noel, travels to Brazil every year, and lives in Greenland until next Christmas. Greenland cold and remote country, that is still further than a few halted flights away. It's ambiguous till the day that whether this setup has been laid out in an attempt to make Santa Claus' preposterous myths a little more believable, or its about the patchiness of Brazilian children who cannot afford the tickets to go there. According to primarily tradition, a defector gypsy abducts the Holy child, and the 3 wise men trace him and get the baby back. We can only presume that the entire abduction suffering ends in a struggle between the wise men and the gypsy in exciting manner.

In Finland, the Christmas Eve has been celebrated in an awkward way as whole family dresses in their fleece and heads to visit the graveyard to show some respects to the dead holding candles in their hands and singing to tribute the deceased. These act two folds as heartrending Christmas custom and shocking nightmarish for Finnish kids. The Finnish have their Santa called Joulupukki who lives in the northern part of Finland. Santa as believed to be Father Christmas can come by any means to give away gifts and rearwards to everyone. He has a sleigh drawn by team of reindeer, an airplane, a snowmobile, a team of dogs, a car, and even a helicopter, which he can use to reach to backyard of every kid.
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