5 Tips to Help Men Gain Confidence In the Bedroom

If you’re a man, then there are probably few things in the world that you think about more than sex. However, despite our infatuation with knocking boots, many men are actually secretly suffering from a lack of confidence in the bedroom. Unfortunately, self-confidence is often one of the most intriguing and arousing components that women look for in a partner. Thus, when a woman finds herself in a sexual situation with a man who is overly nervous or shy, she may lose interest (which doesn’t do much to help the man’s confidence either).

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5 Tips to Help Men Gain Confidence In the Bedroom
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Thankfully, there are some things you can do to increase your courage and become the dynamic and self-assured master of the mattress mambo that you always wished you could be. If you’d like to become more sexually confident, then here are five things you can do.

1. Don’t fixate on your own physical faults

Men are generally very preoccupied with physical appearance. They tend to place value on a prospective mate — at least initially — based upon her level of physical attractiveness. However, women are often different. They still place high importance on appearance, but it’s usually their own appearance that concerns them more than yours.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t try to look nice for your partner, but if you feel that you’re a little too heavy around the midsection, or that you have a weak chin, or any of the thousands of little imperfections that everyone recognizes about themselves, brush them aside and recognize that your partner probably doesn’t care. If you have a woman in your bed who would like you to join her, then the last thing you should be worried about are your scrawny arms. Instead, focus on what makes her so desirable, and let her know how attractive she is. This will increase her enjoyment, and your self-confidence will follow.

2. Learn the ropes
Few things boost confidence more than knowledge. If you know a lot about a subject, and you know that information is useful and valuable, then confidence is a natural side effect. So, do some research. Learn everything you can about your partner, including a variety of techniques that you can use to help her get the most out of your time together. Trust us, if you absolutely blow her mind between the sheets, then you’ll never have to worry about bedroom apprehension again.

3. Be forward
This one is a bit tricky. Men often fall into the trap of wanting to be the perfect gentleman. There’s nothing wrong with this. Truthfully, the world could use more classy guys to help balance out the percentages. However, just because you open doors for your lady and pay for the check at dinner, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a bit more dominant during sex. Women are hardwired to prefer a strong and confident mate, so once things start to heat up, don’t be afraid to take control of where it all leads. Of course, you should still be a generous and attentive lover; just be one who isn’t afraid to also give orders.

4. Give her what she wants, but not all at once
If you know your way around your partner’s body, one of the most difficult things to do is to take it slow. For many men, making a woman climax is so important that they race towards that goal as soon as the clothing hits the floor. However, women have a different set of goals when it comes to sex. While men put the most value in the orgasm, women tend to focus on things like foreplay and the actual sex act (not just the end of it). Show your partner that you appreciate these differences by delaying her moment of climax until she can’t take it anymore. Also, be sure to delay your own orgasm long enough for her to be able to be completely satisfied. If you have a problem with premature ejaculation, seek treatment.

5. Overcome your fear of rejection

As we said before, if you’ve already got her into your bed, what do you really have to be afraid of? Sure, some people will find that they are ultimately sexually incompatible, but for most healthy couples, sex will come as naturally as breathing. So don’t worry about it, and when you find that your relationship has reached a point where physical intimacy is a possibility, play it cool, let things progress at their own pace, and don’t worry about what might happen if she doesn’t have the best sex of her life. Enjoy your time together and remember these five tips.
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