Tips to Induce Italian Flair in Your House

Italians are perhaps the most well dressed and cool people in the world with so much dolce vita. Similarly, their homes are no different as they appear effortlessly stylish, elegantly adorned and each one looks different from other. However, if you go in some details you will find that there are some certain rules that all Italians apply when it comes to decorating their homes. Inducing the Italian Style.

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Tips to Induce Italian Flair in Your House
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The three main components of every home in Italy are fun, food and family and you can also include some “la bella figura” to your house as well by implementing the following tips.

•    Ample Seating for Dinner:
As the family is the most important part of their lifestyles, their homes usually have large enough dining rooms to accommodate everyone. However if there is shortage of space, you can also use folding or collapsible tables as well. Important thing is to show your hospitality and love for everyone as the Italians do.

•    Meals are Well Lit:
Another feature of the Italian houses is overhead lights on at meals.  This allows them to know whom they are taking to and what they are eating, an integral part of having fun while sharing the meal with others. That is exactly why many restaurants across the world use bright overhead lights on meals as compared to more romantic and dim atmosphere most people are used to.

•    Colors:
Most of the Italian palettes have a strong presence of red, yellow and blue and same approach has also been adopted by some of the world renowned designers in Italy. Italian usually mix  Perspex and vinyl, wood and metal along with strong colors such as red, yellow and turquoise while edgings are usually black or greyish.

•    Bare Windows:
If you happen to go to Italy, you will find very few homes with heavy curtain on the windows. As a fact of matter, they usually leave the windows completely bare or sometimes may use a light muslin curtain to soften the effects of weather. Instead of curtains, buildings mostly use shutters that can be closed to avoid heating and vice versa.

•    Curves:
Italians love the curvy shapes and that is why the Ferrari often uses feminine terms to describe and name their cars such as ("testarossa" means "redhead"). Similarly, Italians also love making their furniture and other house equipment curvier.

•    Tiled Floors:
As Italians love to be cool, clean and dashing, they usually do not put carpets on the floor but rely on tiles instead that are cooler and very easy to clean comparatively. In simple words, Italians are always ready to welcome and entertain an unexpected guest.

•    Natural Material:
Italians are passionate about using natural stones in order to embellish their homes and most popular of them is white marble found in abundance in Tuscany region. This marble is famous for its quality and durability around the world and celebrities like Madonna has apparently used this marble to furnish many of her kitchens.

•    Fun:
Italians are famous for their joyous playful nature and they also bring that ability to their homes as well. They will try to decorate the house in a way that will induce a sense of entertainment and fun for the visitors and guests.

You can also try the same things in your house and can live a joyous playful life as Italians do.
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