How to Plan Your Vacation Using Social Networks

Vacation is your time to relax and experience a great new adventure. Unless, of course, stress and tension of planning your family vacation kill you. No matter if you are dreaming of a more exotic journey or just of the tranquility of a quiet countryside, you should be well-prepared and ready for everything that lies ahead.

One very easy and yet helpful way of making a research is using some social networks. How can you do that? Here is a short guideline on how you could use social networks and media in order to plan a great family vacation.

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Plan Your Vacation Using Social Networks
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1. Make a research
The first step you need to take when planning your trip is do dig in, or if we must put this in other words, make a research. A key issue for your future vacation is the choice of a destination and of course, of a hotel. One of the best ways to do that is by reading what people share in their accounts on the Internet. And this is exactly where social networks play an important part, because they can help you get very useful information for your trip.

There are hundreds of websites you can visit in order to get a piece of advice and some info. Here is where you can start from:

    •   Nextstop: This is an easy website with a content that is entirely generated by users.

    •  Where I've Been: This is not only a Facebook application, but it is also a private social network that you should use in case you want to get more detailed     information.

    •  Wikitravel: This is perhaps the largest collection of information on the topic that is entirely generated by users. The website provides plenty of     information about where to go, what to expect and even some information about the culture and history of the place where you are     going to.

    •  TripAdvisor: This is actually one of the most popular websites, with thousands of     visitors that will help you with what you need to know.    

2. Planning and Organization
Choosing the very spot of your vacation is probably the easiest part of the whole planning process. Making a plan for your vacation may become a problem that is capable of ruining your whole idea. However, social and web instruments are perfect for keeping the information you get, making a route and after all, sharing all of this with other people.

If, for example, you organize a trip for your family or a large company, you need a place where you can gather all opinions and recommendations you get. Creating a Wiki for your vacation is a great solution of this problem, because it will help you understand the needs and desires of all members of your family.

You need a simpler option than creating Wikidot, PBWorks, Wikia or Wikis? If the answer of this question is positive, then Google Docs can do a great job for you.

Planning your vacation should not be a lonely occupation. Share it with your spouse, partner, children and friends. This will not only make things easier for you, but will make your vacation a shared experience from the very beginning.

And last, but not least, let's not forget Facebook and MySpace. They are not only extensive social networks, but also an easy way of keeping your company up to date with everything connected to your trip. You could create a new event on your Timeline or send a message to all people participating in the group.

3. Using social networking and staying connected while on the road

       Be mobile: There are some applications for your iPhone or Android phone that     can be your next best fiend when it comes to travelling. Owning a     GPS or applications that are informative when you are on your way means one thing – you will find plenty of landmarks that you have never even heard of and you will never get lost.    

Have in mind that some applications need an online access while others can works without using one. There is great variety of applications that can make your life easier. We highly recommend ZAGAT, MapsBuddy and Yelp.

     •  Check your Twitter account.     Do you know that Twitter has a search engine system and you only need to type, for example “a party near Paris” in order to get some systematized results.    

4. Documentation and sharing
There are some social network instruments such as Flickr, YouTune and personal blogs that you should turn into key partners when making your vacation plan. Try using some of these instruments in order to keep some memories for your children and grandchildren. Create private albums that will help you keeping the memory of your unforgettable journey during the years yet to come.
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