Gardening as an Art

Gardening is the process of how to grow and cultivate plants. In gardens, variety of plants are grown such as ornamental plants, useful plants for consumption and is of different types as residential gardening, public gardening, container gardening and water each form it is an art.Gardening is source of relaxation for many people. It’s an art which ties one`s bond with nature.

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Gardening as an Art
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Features of gardening art:
There are lots of features and items for the gardeners to show their creativity. These features decorate the plants and they also affect functionality of plants. They are made up of copper, stone, clay, stained glass, bamboo, stainless steel etc. Examples include arbors, bird’s bath, urns, fountains and many others. The appearance of these features reflects the personality of gardener. Garden design is very special feature of gardening which generally means the garden`s maintenance.

Another striking feature of gardening art is its social impact. People get attracted by beautiful gardens and love to spend time this way a social gathering develops. How much people get attracted by it depends upon how beautifully the garden is this art is not less than the paintings and other forms of art in terms of attracting the masses.

Themes of garden designs:
It has different themes such as perennial, tropical, wildlife, butterfly or shade gardens.

How it is an art:
Gardening is an art in a way that it involves arrangement of plants in complete harmony with their surroundings. You need to make a neat and clean arrangement by putting plants of same size in one row. Then you need to place the flowering plants in midst and in the corners of your garden.
Gardening gives you another opportunity for polishing your creativity by decoration of urns, water baths, water fountains and arbors. Decorate the water fountain with different colors, paint on its boundary and periphery.

Put flowering plants along whole diameter of fountain area f it is in circle. Draw some eye catching scenes on plant containers. For climbing plants, fasten them together in a teepee. This inexpensive trellis instantly adds country charm to any garden. A wonderful idea for garden gate way is to use inverted papasan chair base with curtains hanging on side. Wow what a unique and superb design it is.

Use a terra-cotta saucer sits atop a tomato cage which will be used two ways as a birdbath and trellis for climbing vines. To create an even more vibrant focal point, paint the saucer in your favorite color, or tie it into your garden's color scheme. To give life to old benches in garden place container plants on it. It will become gorgeous. Decorate your fence by hanging a bouquet on it. It is the perfect ways to add more interest and create a welcoming feel at your next garden party. You see how gardening is a beautiful art.

Canvas in your garden:
You must have some vegetation’s in your garden. Have a click on them, print them and place on cheap canvas prints. Hang this on your garden wall.

Create living frames by using flowers, leaves and shrubs of your garden on canvas. This will look awesome. This will produce touch of originality in your work.

Add optical illusion to create depth to your garden by hanging a mirror on canvas between the plants. Then see how the space seems double. Wonderful!

These are the tips and tricks for decorating garden which left no doubt in considering gardening as an art.follow these to enhance and polish your requires contribution from both the soul and the mind. Make your spiritual bonds stronger by been close to nature.
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