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A quote by Rudyard Kipling says it for the importance of gardening yourself that, “Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade”.  It is the spirit of doing it yourself that brings ones spirituality to a new level. It is like raising a new born baby into a smart young being. Doing it yourself is not only about saving money but also for that special bond of spirituality.
Here are few ideas that you can do with the things lying sparingly in your garages and cellars.

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Use of Planters and Display
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Car Tyres:
We usually have used tyres that are left with us when we get our car some new ones. If you don’t, make sure that you do not trade them with the tyres supplier next time around when you go to get new ones for your car. This is a very simple, unique and innovative idea for planting and displaying. From a single tyre, you can either go for on planter or cut it in half and go for two. After cutting the tyre in half with a blade carefully, cut the tyre from both side in a way that it forms 4-5 strips about six inches in length. They are not to be detached but should remain intact. With the help of heat of a flame you can mold them by giving them curl in the design you want.

Cycle Rims:
We all have kid’s bicycles either broken or unused for years or the rims of the cycle that got bend a hard bump. Take those 2-3 rims and fix them on wood bar T-shaped of about 4 – 5 feet height. Dig a 1 foot deep hole on your garden and cover it after putting the T inside in a way that the rims touch the gardens ground and the wood bar is firmly  planted in the earth 1 foot deep. This display can be used for planting different kind of plants which will gradually grow around these rims. You can use that wooden bar to fix a canvas printing displaying a message, image, plant type or any instructions for guests visiting your heavenly garden.

A broken aluminum ladder or a wooden ladder can also be used as planter and displayer. If the ladder is A-shaped, putting it anywhere in the garden won’t be a problem. But this is important that for safety purpose you must get the ladder fixed adequately firm in the ground. For that purpose you may use the T idea as mentioned for wooden bar for cycle rims. The best idea would be to plant something that grows like a stalk and travel upwards.

A wooden cart may not be available with many people but it may be very easy to build. In case you really like the idea and do not have one, you may opt for building one yourself. The idea of a wooden cart either on sides or middle of your garden give you the chance of putting all your different flower pots in one place. This also helps plants that they grow out of their pots downwards and have ample space for that. So you can place the pots with plants of growing long on the outer circle of the cart, while choosing for smaller flower giving pots on the inner side.
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