Top 5 Ridiculous Car Accessories

There are car accessories that you can add that personalize a car and give it style. Then there are car accessories that broadcast that you are trying way too hard to be something you are not, or are advertising quite clearly that you are a jerk. Here are the top 5 ridiculous car accessories, what we think they are saying and how people actually see them.

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Top 5 Ridiculous Car Accessories
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Number 1 – Hanging Testicles
There is no version of this car accessory that is not ridiculous. They can reach new heights of being stupid when the testicles in question are so radically oversized that they almost drag on the ground when you put them on the trailer hitch. What we think they say to the world is, “Don’t mess with me.” What the world sees them as is a clear message that you are emotionally immature and lack self-esteem. If you have to advertise how strong and macho you are, most likely you are not – that’s just Psych 101.

Number 2 – Car Seat Covers
Not the subtle kind that protect your seats or maybe add some needed support for long drives, we are talking about car seat covers that are either grossly fluffy, would like to be leather racing seats, or are emblazoned with anything that remotely looks like it was a left over from a martial art movie. What we think they are telling the world is that our car is either a powerful racing machine, or that it is a rolling crib. What the world sees is someone who can’t afford the real racing seats and is pretending that their car is all that. Overly fluffy seats never stay clean or look good after a few months wear and nobody sees a car as a rolling crib. Car seat covers always look like car seat covers. They either clearly come off as practical support to make long drives easier, or they come off as practical efforts to cover up ripped, worn and stained seats.

Number 3 – Fake Hood Scoops
Again, if you really had a car that could race then you would be absolutely embarrassed to glue on some fake hood scoops. Worse, pretty much anyone who doesn’t know anything about cars will still know enough to spot when they are put on the wrong part of the hood. A center placed hood scoop is only good for an engine made prior to the 80s or a modern racing engine. Modern commuting engines are cooled differently and a center hood would do nothing for the car. What it clearly broadcasts is you don’t know anything about how an engine works and certainly don’t have a car with a race engine.

Number 4 – Eyelashes, tongues and small fingers sticking out of a closed window
These are all cute on any given day, but definitely not for every day. While we think that we are broadcasting how funny or sarcastic we are, what comes across loud and clear is that we need constant attention. Eyelashes on a head lamp may be passable on the occasional VW bug, but in the end comes off as just trying too hard to get attention.  On the positive side they help companies like AMG Auto Emblems stay in business.

Number 5 – Bolt on Exhaust Tips
See the explanation for numbers 3 and 4 to explain this one. They are fake. They look fake and they broadcast that you have little knowledge of how an engine works, no money to have the car you want, and are desperate for attention.

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