Tips and Tricks to Keep the Doe Away from Your Garden

Most of the people love to see deer wondering around their home but this is lovable till you harvest you own garden because the deer love to eat plants and will destroy your entire harvested garden within no time. This will surely be an undesired activity and will make you feel annoyed and irritable which will let you try the tricks and tools to keep the deer away from your beloved garden.

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Keep the Doe Away from Your Garden
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There are many different solutions available on the internet which will explain you the ways to keep the deer away from your garden. Some of them will be affected and other will be just ordinary and will give no useful results. Here, I have filtered some of the useful tips for you it will save your time and will give you a clear solution for dealing with deer.

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Solution number 1:

This idea may be weird and undesired for you because it is a sort of grubby trick to keep the deer away from your plants. Most of the women feel cranky and avoid this solution in fact it is very affective.

Raw egg: 1
Water: 1 cup
Dish soap: 2 tsp

All you have to do is wipe of the raw egg and then pour the egg and water within the blender after this you have to pour it in the spray bottle and add up the dish soap within the bottle. Now you have to leave this solution as it is in the sunlight for a week and after that you have to spray all of the plants which you have in your garden.
Make sure that all of the plants are sprayed well.

Solution number 2:
The second solution is quite better then the above if you cannot afford the smell of rotten eggs then you can simply fix the boundary of fence around your garden. This will also protect your garden from doe.

The size of the fence should be higher than the deer so that they could not reach your plants even after jumping. The average appropriate size is about 8 feet or above. Moreover the material of the fence could be natural in the form of fresh plants and it can also be an artificially created electric fence which is highly effective and beneficial.

Solution number 3:
Repellents that are supposed to be based on odor are often very common the reason behind their popularity is that the deer are often afraid of such smells and they sense them as a danger. Like the first solution in this suggestion you will find another recipe which is also homemade and is mainly generated from the rotten ort spoiled eggs. But the remaining ingredients are somehow different from the first one.

Water: one gallon or a little less
Garlic powder: 2 tea spoons
Chili powder: 1 tea spoon

This time you have to mix all ingredients and then spray over the plants in your garden it will surely save your plants from deer in an inexpensive way.

Apart from the above mentioned solutions, you can also hang wind chimes in your garden and can throw aluminum foil within your planters it will give a sense of mirror to doe  and they will stay away from your garden.
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