Five Movies Where Tom Cruise Looks Good in Sunglasses

Tom Cruise is easily one of the most recognizable actors in the world and certainly one of the world’s most bankable stars. His career spans more than three decades and his fans number millions across the globe. Little wonder sunglasses brands rush to sponsor him when it comes to his movies. Be sure to get the look by going to All Brands Glasses. You won’t regret it!

So in what movies have sunglasses made Cruise look good? Or is it the other way around? In what movies has Tom Cruise made sunglasses look good?

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Knight and Day
Cruise plays a spy out to clear his name in this movie and recruits an unwitting girl (Cameron Diaz) into his schemes. What do spies wear to conceal their identity? Sunglasses. He wears the Ray Ban 3025 aviators during an intense chase/action scene. He was also seen wearing Persol 2931, but this was during breaks in filming.
Tom Cruise in Knight and Day
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Top Gun
When he was not in the cockpit he was in sunglasses. Specifically the mirrored Ray Ban 3025 Large Aviators. While Cruise is not really a fighter pilot, this model of sunglasses was really designed for pilots before World War II. The movie made a good impression, demand for this model soared higher than an F16 after the movie was released.
Tom Cruise In Top Gun
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Risky Business
To transform himself from seemingly innocent teenager to a flashy pimp in this romantic comedy, Cruise needed a makeover. You guessed it, he needed a suit, a flashy grin and, of course, the right shades. In this case it was the Ray Ban Wayfarers. The glasses would become the ultimate eyewear for teenagers in the 80’s movies. It’s also currently making a comeback among the younger actors and actresses.
Tom Cruise In Risky Business
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Mission: Impossible 2
Remember that opening scene where Nathan Hunt has to climb all the way up to the top of a mountain just to play the message encoded into a pair of sunglasses? He was wearing the Oakley Romeo. In the end of the sequence, he tosses them away as they detonate. Maybe it was symbolic; Oakley Romeos have disappeared from display shelves, however they can still be had online, and for quite a price.
tom Cruise Mission: Impossible 2
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In another scene where he is being chased on a motorcycle, he wears the black wraparound Oakley Fives.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
The adventure continues, and so does the wearing of sunglasses. Hunt is still a spy and he still continues to use sunglasses to hide his identity, in this case the Persol 2978 in a scene with co-star Jeremy Renner.
Tom Cruise In Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

In another scene he also wears the Oakley Wind Jacket. These were custom-made just for that scene in the movie.
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