Dessert Tamales

Fresh and Fruity!!
One of the best things about a great meal is finishing it off with dessert! Unfortunately, actually saving room for more food is a difficult task, especially when the main meal was so delicious that at least one second helping was required. Luckily, sweet treats do have a way of making the mouth water and suddenly, that little bit of activity exerted has made just enough room for a smooth, warm, tasty treat! Throw in the preparation time, and you can probably squeeze in two servings of the right dessert!

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Dessert Tamales
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Southwest cuisine would not be complete without authentic dessert tamales to top off the meal. Some of the traditional favorites include strawberry preserves and buttercream toppings over sweet corn wrapped morsels of flavor. Other traditional choices serve these delectable pastries filled with fresh milk chocolate and served with sprinkles of powdered sugar and chocolate fudge drizzle. Warm cinnamon apple tamales are a family favorite and are even better when served with vanilla bean ice cream!

The COLD Facts
Some folks prefer their dessert tamales served cold with a warm drink such as coffee, tea or cappuccino. Similar to the effects of a biscotti with espresso, cold sweet tamales offer a fresh contrast to a bitter warm beverage. The recent trend is to make sweet cream cheese tamales with nuts or chocolate bits mixed inside. This is eerily reminiscent of a cannoli, but still certainly quite delicious!

Wait For It
It takes practice and patience to perfect finely prepared tamales. The skill is usually passed down through the women of the family and often results in many frustrated days in kitchen. However, once the hands learn to quickly wrap the preferred fruit or other filler into a warm doughy shell and then quickly get the whole wrap to the heat source, the result is heaven on earth! Those who prepare these delicious items eventually learn to feel the precise moment when the perfect texture has developed and it’s time to stop working with the dough and add the filling. Likewise, adding the perfect blend and amount of toppings comes with time. Served warm or cold, tamales are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palette.

Waist Not, Want Not!!
Surprisingly, these homemade delights do not pack the caloric punch or sugary high of their American made counterparts. Since they are usually made using only fresh ingredients, often grown on the property, they do not contain artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives or other harmful additives. They are rich and filling, but will not send large doses of glucose running through the bloodstream, causing a lethargic aftershock or sugar induced temporary food coma.

Like their meaty counterparts e.g. those found on Mother Shuckers Tamales, dessert tamales are usually boiled or steamed and are therefore significantly lower in fat than many common sweet treats. Naturally, the body can cope with natural foods way better than the processed, artificial products mass produced and shipped to supermarkets with a three year shelf life. Therefore, dessert tamales are much better for the body than cakes or cookies made with bleached flour and artificial ingredients. So feel free to indulge in some hot or cold dessert tamales today!
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