Common Travel Fears and Superstitions

Many people are tempted by the idea of going travelling but never quite make it. There are various reasons for this but it often it comes down to fear. It's quite common to have fears and superstitions about travelling but should they really put you off going altogether? Whether it's medical concerns or a financial worry, there is likely to be a way to overcome your fear. Here are some of the most common fears that people suffer from and some alternative views to combat these fears.

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Travel Fears and Superstitions
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Having enough money is something that worries a lot of people when they think about going travelling. It's not just the saving up to afford it part that people are scared about. They also tend to get very nervous about what will happen when they finally come home again. There is the fear that you may run out of money when you are on your travels or that you are giving up a steady job at home. However, if travelling is something you really want to do, discipline yourself with your savings and try to find work when you are away; it may just help to tide you over.

Not knowing exactly where you're going and what will happen can be a crippling fear for a lot of people. With lives at home so strictly regimented by alarm clocks, working hours, bed times and set days off, it can be difficult to leave this routine. The unknown can be scary and people worry about things like whether they will like the food, how they will cope in a country that speaks a different language and what will happen if they get lost. Of course, any seasoned traveller will tell you, this is part of the fun; all of these experiences will make up a truly unique trip that you won't forget.

Medical reasons
If you have any medical concerns, you may see them as a reason not to travel. However, there are ways to deal with this fear. If you have a long-standing medical condition, speak to your doctor in advance to get their advice on travelling. If they say it's ok, they may be able to prescribe you enough medicine to last you trip. Similarly, don't forget that there are hospitals in other countries, some of them offering a better standard of service than what you may be used to at home. Places like India and Thailand are very popular for medical tourism, such is the standard of their hospitals and surgeons so medical concerns shouldn't stop you from travelling to the places to you want to see.

A fear of flying is very common and often stops people from travelling to far away destinations. They may decide to pick places that are closer to home, if they travel at all. However, focussing on the end result and the destination you are going to reach can help combat this fear. Talking to the cabin crew is also thought to be a calming task for nervous flyers. Although having a couple of strong drinks might seem like an ideal solution, drinking on the plane isn't recommended as it can actually increase your nerves. Instead, staying hydrated and eating little and often is thought to be more effective.
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