Clean Your Face From Dark Spots: How-to Guide

Dark spots are usually a repeated skin problem that often results in causing some pimples and even pain. They appear most often on oily skins, when the skin sebum is collected deep in the skin pores. That is how the combination between toxins contained in your skin and the sebum creates a sticky substance that literary “clogs” your skin pores. The substance in question lies beneath a clack oxidized tip, which is quite visible and is located even on top of the surface of your skin. It is exactly these black tops that are known as “dark spots”, or also blackheads. So, the problem occurs to people who have oily or combination skin, and usually that the fight against blackheads begins.
Clean Your Face From Dark Spots
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There are many cosmetic products and procedures that can help you get rid of blackheads, but there are also some natural means that can help you deal with this problem.

Tips on how to deal with blackheads (dark spots) during the winter

When the temperatures go below zero and the cold winter wind literally pierces every single part of your body, even the oiliest skin becomes very dry, peeling and extremely sensitive. This situation automatically turns the problem about blackheads into a challenge.

When the weather is warm, it is okay to simply use cosmetic products that contain acids or substances with a drying effect. However, when your skin has already been exposed to the damaging effects of the cold winter weather outside, such products may only lead to deterioration of the problem. And still, there are several easy ways that will help you clean your skin pores and dark spots. These methods are both effective and gentle to your skin.

• Make a steam bath 
Steam baths are old and proven method of dealing with the problem with blackheads that women use for centuries. Just boil some water in a large pot, and put your face down against the steam, covering your head with a towel. This will “open” your skin pores, which on the other hand will make the so-called blackheads extraction easier and not so painful.

A great idea is to add a few bags of herbal tea in the boiling water. The herbs will also facilitate the opening of your skin pores, which will make you easier when cleaning them up. On the other hand, this will also facilitate the absorption of the useful ingredients contained in the cosmetic products you use.

• Use the power of enzymes
Deep cleansing masks and enzyme products are perfect for sensitive skin, because such products do not make your skin drier, which basically means that they do not harm it. Most oily skins are not particularly sensitive, but still, there are some exceptions.

If you are exactly one of the exceptions, avoid using face scrubs that contain solid particles or acids that can be too aggressive to your skin. There are face cleaning products that contain different types of enzymes that can be used exactly for your case. And remember – the most important thing is to choose the right products for your skin type, because this is the only way to solve the problem with the blackheads (dark spots). A good choice are some of the face cleaning products that contain fruit enzymes as an active ingredient.

Clay masks do miracles
Clay masks are one of the easiest to apply and in the same time one of the most efficient face masks, which makes them perfect for oily and problematic skins. In addition, clay also contains a lot of minerals and micro-elements, which have an anti-inflammatory properties and contribute to the overall hydration of the skin apart from cleaning the pores in depth.

It is important to be aware of the fact that sometimes clay masks may also be more aggressive and this may lead to making your skin dry. That is the reason why a good idea is to mix the clay mask with an oil, such as jojoba or olive oil or with some milk and even honey in order to fully enjoy clay's beneficial properties to your skin.
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