Check Out the Top 10 Quirkiest Restaurants When Visiting London

London’s bustling vibe, history, and seemingly endless possibilities for fun, create an atmosphere that’s hard to resist. Sometimes though, you need to indulge in something a little different – tempt your tastebuds, embrace the quirky, and explore some of London’s most unusual restaurants.

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London’s most unusual restaurants
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1.    Dans le Noir
For something to test your comfort zone, head to London’s Clerkenwell Green and experience something truly unique – eating and drinking in complete darkness. Let the friendly waiters take charge and guide you through a night to test your senses. Try the surprise menu if you dare, and learn to experience food and dining in a completely different way.
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2.    inamo St James
This oriental fusion restaurant in the heart of West End offers an innovative take on traditional ordering. Using an interactive system (projected on the table), diners have complete control over their experience – from choosing their own virtual tablecloths to using ‘Chef Cam’ and watching the chefs busy in the kitchen. It’s a novelty and all very Tokyo-tech, but the dining experience is yours to make your own – gone are the days of having your order taken with notebook and pencil.
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3.    supperclub
If you love lounging in bed, then supperclub in Notting Hill might be the perfect place for you. Here you don’t sit at a table, but rather enjoy your meal on large white beds! But this is only the beginning… the night continues with a combination of music, performance, art and one big party – expect the unexpected.
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4.    Bounce
Mixing ping pong tables with pizza is always a good idea. This Holborn venue is a great spot to catch up with friends and play some table tennis. Enjoy the atmosphere – ping pong is back!
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5.    Archipelago
This restaurant is quirky in all senses of the word. On entering, the exotic décor and artefacts from around the world take you to another place. But it is the menu that really makes this place unique – from zebra and crocodile, to chilli and garlic locusts, and scorpions for dessert. This mysterious place is definitely worth a look.
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6.    The Wapping Project
This former hydraulic power station is now home to a restaurant and art gallery. Still holding many of its original features, this setting is unique with its industrial charm – concrete, cracked tiles and peeling paint. This great space contrasts with the trendy furnishings and ever-changing art exhibits. Delicious food and great atmosphere.
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7.    Circus
Located in vibrant Covent Garden, Circus is a sight to be seen. With surreal and unique interior, this is a restaurant, a cocktail bar, and a cabaret all rolled into one. Sit back and relax as the lights dim and performers entertain you throughout the night – escape from reality to something just a little quirky.
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8.    Meat Liquor 
If you love burgers and meat, this might just be the place for you. This dark, gritty restaurant in Marylebone is something a little different. With paint splattered graffiti-style street art adorning the walls, and serving burgers called “the dead hippie” this place is bound to be different. You can’t book, so join the queue.
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9.    Les Trois Garçons
Located in a converted 1880s Victorian pub in Shoreditch, this French restaurant is filled with an elaborate and eclectic mix of décor. Upmarket, yet quirky – there aren’t many places where this mix works well. Marvel at the eccentricity as you sit amongst the stuffed animals and hanging handbags. It’s hard to know where to look.
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10.    Garlic and Shots
Just as the name suggests this Soho venue serves garlic and 101 different shots. Everything on the menu comes with plenty of garlic – in fact, you can order extra garlic but never less. Having a ‘biker bar’ vibe and frequented by leather-clad metal-loving regulars, you’d be excused for walking right by. But who doesn’t want to try ice cream laced with garlic?
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