Car Parts That Are Sure To Get You Pulled Over

Personalizing your car is one thing everyone does, whether with bumper stickers or an added decal, but there are some car parts that are sure to get you pulled over. Some will only result in a warning, but some are also highly illegal. The problem is, what is allowed and not allowed will vary by state. The following are the top 4 car parts that are regulated per state, it pays to check out your local laws before you invest in putting these on or in your car. You should also be aware that just because something is legal in one state, doesn’t mean you won’t get pulled over in another. Even with out of state plates, many troopers will make a point of pulling you over to give you a warning in case you are in the process of moving into their jurisdiction.

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Car Parts That Are Sure To Get You Pulled Over

Neon Lights
One hard and fast rule about neon lights and LED lights is that the only blinking lights allowed on a car are turn signals and hazard lights. You can legally install light bars that blink as long as they are only triggered when using the turn indicator or hazard switch. Other types of lighting, such as neon undercarriage lights and LED car accessories may be illegal in certain states and cities. This doesn’t just apply to the lights on the outside of your car, but many areas also have restrictions on the types of lights you can have on inside the car. The reason for this is lighting can impair your ability to see through the car window at night and reduce your vision, creating a safety hazard.

Tinted Windows
Tinted windows are a main reason that people get pulled over for “no reason.” Even in states that allow for tinting, many have rules about the degree of tinting allowed and whether or not the driver’s side window must remain clear of tint.  There are lots of reasons for this but the main one is it is done for the officer’s safety. Tinting prohibits them from being able to see inside a car to know who is inside and what they are doing. Tinting can also significantly reduce the driver’s ability to see. The two types of tinting that are generally flat out illegal are mirror tints and any tinting that extends beyond the upper 6 inches of the front window of the car.

DVD Players
If DVD players will get you pulled over, how come so many mini vans and SUVs come with them built in? The answer to that is easy, the DVD players and screens are built in so passengers can see the screen. A screen cannot be placed where the driver will see it.  Not all accessory companies have the reputation of AMG Auto Emblems, so be sure to do your research on this one.

Rearview Mirror Accessories
Many states regulate the size and amount of accessories that you can hang from your rearview mirror because they create a driving hazard. While on the subject of the mirrors, it is the law everywhere that you must have a rearview mirror installed. It can be a dash mounted version, but it must be present where the driver can see it.
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