7 Gadgets That Homeowners Can Buy To Keep Pests Out Of Their Home

Though there are some people who have keen fascination for pests, most of us are actually annoyed of sharing our space with them. They cause a lot of harm to our surroundings and sometimes give rise to various diseases. Natural ways to keep them away are becoming inactive as the pests are growing smarter and find different way to get into your house.

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Keep Pests Out Of Their Home
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Here is a list of 7 effective and modern gadgets to keep pests out of your sight:

1 Insect vacuum
If you are scared of catching small insects and bugs and want a more secure method to do so, here is a gadget for your ease. This is just like a normal vacuum cleaner but is much smaller in size. These are battery operated and suck small insects, flies and bugs from an arms distance. So you do not need to go too close to something you are afraid off. With a push of trigger, the pest is trapped and finished.

2 Supersonic sound machines
Just like you will run away if you are exposed to high intensity of sound, the pests too will react in the same way. Supersonic sound machines produce high intensity sounds which humans cannot hear, but the pests can. Such sounds make them uncomfortable and they move far from your home. Electronic cat repellent is one such machine commonly used these days. They are harmless and help in warding off large pests.

3 UV bed bug cleaner
Bed bugs are the most common pests which bothers the home owners. They are sometimes hard to eradicate even if you keep your sheets clean. UV bed bug cleaner is a gadget which helps to shock the insect for a while which may then be collected and removed from your bed. It is easy to use and flashes ultraviolet light on the insects to remove them in an effective way. Make sure you are not sharing your bed with thousands of such creatures next time when you go to sleep.

4 Mole repellent
Moles are the biggest enemy of your yard or garden and you probably do not find any clue to catch them. Here is one such gadget to make your work easier and make them leave your place. Mole repellent is a special gadget that gets fixed to the ground and produce pulses which are strong enough to keep the moles from coming to your land i.e will act as an effective mole repeller. This is a far best method and is completely harmless. So now you don't have to worry about your garden being destroyed by them.

5 Sticky traps
This gadget works pretty well if your house has good number of insects and flies that get attracted towards light. Sticky papers may be hanged near your windows and left for some time. The flies and insects moves near it and as soon as it sits on it, gets trapped by sticking to it. The paper may them be discarded after use. This technique has been used since ages to get rid of insects by making sticky papers at home. Nowadays, these ready made sticky traps are available in markets which are quite inexpensive and easy to use.

6 Bird repellent
If you have birds around, which causes loss to your crops or makes your roof dirty, you have a gadget to repel them. Such gadgets produce the sound that mimics other dangerous birds. When a bird gets a hint of presence of another more perilous bird, they generally do not come near to it. This gadget thus works in a natural but effective way to keep them away from your property.

7 Spider catcher
This gadget helps in catching a spider without going much close to it. Earlier it was impossible to catch them from a distance. The only way to get rid of them were killing them with flat objects or your slippers and then disposing them manually. This is much frightening for some who don't even like to see them. This gadget can be operated from a distance and the bristles present on its tips helps to trap the spiders firmly without letting them escape from its grip. People find this gadget useful as it is the easiest, effective and cleanest way to remove spiders from your house.
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